Friday, July 28, 2017

Evidence of Endicott-Johnson

I've posted before about the Endicott-Johnson Company and its treatment of its workers. Recently, I got the chance to visit the Endicott Heritage Center (Facebook page here), which contains a large number of EJ artifacts.

There was a good assortment of shoeboxes, too:

Which made me think about the ephemeral nature of shoeboxes. It's great that the museum has so many of them in its collection.

There were several special pairs of shoes on display as well:

There were also a few items that provide evidence of the company's paternalism toward its workers, including these coffee cans:

Down the road a bit, in an antique store, I saw this:

It's a broadside poster, on sale for $625. The card in the bottom corner says that it's thought to be one of the first EJ advertising broadsides. It was found in a barn well north of the Endicott area.

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