Monday, June 12, 2017

More News from the Way Downhill

First there was Kim Weaver, a Democrat who was running in northwestern Iowa to take away troglodyte Steve King's seat in Congress. Now there's Michael Treiman, a Democrat running for mayor of Binghamton, a city of 46,000 in central New York (not far from my home town).

Both of them withdrew from their races because of credible death threats.

Today, I heard that Susan Platt, who is running for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia with the primary tomorrow, has also been receiving death threats (and suffered a home invasion!). She has not withdrawn, however.

Is this the country anyone wants? Where does this fit into the definition of "democracy" or "democratic republic"?

Will anyone take responsibility for creating a climate where this suddenly starts happening? Maybe ask his followers to respect both voting rights and those who run for office?

I guess not, since the person who would have the biggest effect is too busy encouraging a health care destruction bill with no public hearings, not to mention forcing his cabinet members to debase themselves with required praise speeches.

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