Tuesday, May 16, 2017

That Didn't Age Well

I've written before about the pathetic stuff that passes for political cartoons from the Right (by Mike Lester, Michael Ramirez, and Lisa Benson), usually printed locally in the Pioneer Press but sometimes in the Star Tribune. Now I've noticed another creator: Dana Summers:

This cartoon ran yesterday, I believe. Sunday. Yes, the day before news broke that the Turnip had blabbed highly classified information to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister AND the Russian press when he met with them last week.

Even before that, this cartoon looked nothing but partisan. No intelligent analysis, nothing thought-provoking about it. The best cartoons make "the other side" (whichever side that is) think a bit, at least, right? Even cringe in recognition that "my side" is showing its butt a bit, maybe.

But this doesn't do that. All I think when I look at this is, Well, Dana Summers is certainly in the tank for the Republicans.

Here are a few others from his portfolio. He's a real winner. Definitely adding thoughtful critique. Yessir.

This is especially funny, now that we have Trump selling membership access at Mar-a-Lago and all the other ways he and his kids are implementing kleptocracy.

It takes a small guy to portray the transgender bathroom issue this way. These kids look like they're maybe 7 or 8, right? And there's a predator/peeping tom boy dressed as a girl? What sad planet does this guy live on?

I do have to give him credit for one thing: His Obama caricature is just a caricature, and not a racist insult.

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