Sunday, May 7, 2017

May Day, 2017

If it's the first Sunday in May in the Twin Cities, it must be May Day!

This year I was part of the parade and so don't have a lot of photos as it made its way down Bloomington Avenue in Minneapolis. I have a sunburn and a few images to share, mostly from before the parade started.

Seeing many of the puppets and other creative parts as they waited to be animated by their inhabitors was almost as good as seeing it come to life.

The lead banner was hanging on a fence near the beginning of the parade lineup on East 25th Street.

Lots of large masks were lying along the side of the street, like this beautiful bear...

...this white buffalo...

...and these owls leaning up against a fence. Love their faces!

A colorful dragon's head.

A favorite banner.

This guy, during the parade, was wearing a red robe, but here he just has his sign. He was part of The Work Ahead section, which came last.

That's the goal of the work ahead.

This dragon was made up of hundreds of protest posters. It was probably 40 feet long.

This was one of the signs that was supposed to be on the dragon. A new favorite for me.

I got just a few action shots during the parade. These are the new labor puppets: struggle, unity, community, and solidarity. Each head is based on a local worker active in the Fight for 15 movement.

Quite a day — and now I must drop into bed and get some sleep!

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