Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Twitter, February 2017

We're now more than a month into our examination of how dystopia begins.

The month ended with Turnip’s address to a joint session of Congress:

If all it takes for a terrible person to make you praise him is for him to speak calmly, you're not merely a fool, you're an accomplice.
maura quint‏ @behindyourback

No one in American history has benefited more from the soft bigotry of low expectations than Donald Trump.
Ian Millhiser‏

After tonight, we need to stop talking about the Republican Party and Trump separately. The GOP is an authoritarian, nationalist party.
Joy Reid

Seriously. Donald Trump addressing Congress feels like a fever dream I had after I had my gall bladder removed.
Jared Yates Sexton‏

Theme of this speech: Big solutions to imaginary problems.
Justin Wolfers

Crime is low. Net illegal immigration is low or zero. Immigrants commit crimes at lower rates than natives. Terrorism kills almost no one.
Will Wilkinson
Comments during the speech often sounded like general criticism of Turmp. The first few of these tweets are from last night, but you can't even tell when they switch to reactions to what he did the day before that, or the day before that. It's a constant parade of pain, outrage, and moral disgust:
I resent being dragged into dystopia by such boring shitheads. if you're gonna be this evil at least wear a fucking iron mask or some shit
Saladin Ahmed‏

Whatever the opposite of a mensch is, that's Trump.
Bill McKibben‏

What a small, embarrassing man our president is.
Jared Yates Sexton‏

I feel bad for the number 45.
Pat Thompson‏

Trump thinks you're dumb enough to believe that thousands of journalists from competing outlets are all conspiring to lie in identical ways.

This is the flip side of "Trump won so many counties": we went just 12 for 92 in counties that cast at least 300k votes.
Josh Barro‏

I'm so tired of people calling Trump a populist president. He's not. He's a pandering, manipulative president. There's a difference.
Jared Yates Sexton‏

always accuse the enemy of the dirty deed you are doin' yourself. Trump pays actors to be a crowd. Bush bussed in audiences.
Davis‏ @Davis_404

Many people who voted for Trump don't know he's doing a bad job because they aren't paying attention. This is also why they voted for him.
Hari Kondabolu‏

Just once I'd love news out of the Trump White House or family to not be directly opposed to human decency or morality. Just once.
Jared Yates Sexton‏

The most dangerous 'enemy of the people' is presidential lying — always. Attacks on press by Donald Trump are more treacherous than Nixon's.
Carl Bernstein‏

Every GOP official should answer whether they think it's appropriate for the President to call the media "enemy of the American people."
Samuel Sinyangwe‏ @samswey

Leak an abhorrent policy under consideration. Refuse comment when queried. After publication, declare policy absurd, scold media. Repeat.
Radley Balko‏

You could power a city with this man's delusions.
Jared Yates Sexton‏

The first month of Trump family trips and NYC security will cost more than $15 million, roughly 1/6 that of eight years of Obama.
David Beard‏

Remember when pundits judged Obama's success entirely by how his actions played with blacks, Latinos, and young liberals? Weird, me neither...
McKay Coppins‏

Trump: I am the least anti-Semitic person in the world and I wish loud, pushy Jews would stop asking me about it.
Peter Beinart‏

FUN FACT: The last modern leader to hold rallies after bein' elected was Adolf Hitler. It's a dictator thing.
Tea Pain‏ @TeaPainUSA

It's a given that Twump is going to kill Americans. The question is how many, and for what stupid, avoidable, ego-driven cause?
N. K. Jemisin‏

The strength of Trump's semi-nihilistic politics is that you can't really attack him on *governance*. The campaign was built on destruction. You gotta make him look a fool or have a clear example of his depraved indifference towards his citizens. Absent major disaster. That's hard.
Keep It Surly‏ @surlyurbanist

Being a good executive is more about saying, "You're hired" to the right people than, "You're fired" once they screw up.
Phillip Atiba Goff

Trump's presidency is essentially the revenge of the white male on all others whom American democracy has lifted up.
Alexander Nazaryan‏

Capitalist failure brought Trump, which will bring more failure.
Free Public Transit‏

The next time someone tells me "government should be run like a business" I'm going to give them an ingrown toenail.

Trump tosses that name around as a racial slur.
Pocahontas is an native, original American.
He is disgrace to America.
Anthony De Rosa‏

Remember, despots become despots because they're so certain of their worldview that any challenge must be conquered fully.
Jared Yates Sexton‏

The thing about Trump is that he is a terrible businessman, and his only skill is in convincing potential marks otherwise. It's why he is so obsessed with image. Looking successful makes people think you are successful, and thus opens them up to the grift.
Jamelle Bouie‏

Trump literally knows nothing about his job or the government he accidentally ended up running. In addition, he's mentally unstable. That's been clear since the day he announced. Some significant number of Americans didn't care. Excellent job, GOP voters. This will definitely work out well for everyone.
Tom Tomorrow‏

Anybody who says, "If you hear something bad about me, it's a lie" has done something bad and you're definitely going to hear about it. And anybody who can't bring themselves to say, "I/We made a mistake" is unfit to make decisions for or about anyone but themselves.
Ashley C. Ford‏ @iSmashFizzle

Trump is the living embodiment of "toxic masculinity.”
curtis square-briggs‏

Republicans clearly mean to use Twump to gut the social safety net. Blame him when voters get mad. Everybody needs two remember where blame's due.
N. K. Jemisin‏

So President Obama can't attend a church where a pastor talks about the evils of white supremacy, but Trump can hire literal white supremacists?
Black Aziz Ansari

Imagine the reaction if Obama had just made up a police shooting of an unarmed black man to justify federal investigations of police.
Mazel Tov Cocktail‏ @AdamSerwer (referring to Trump’s imaginary terrorist attack in Sweden)

If Michelle Obama had insisted on living inside a golden tower at taxpayer expense, white people would have burned this country to the ground.
Jason Miller‏ @longwall26

Thing that may eventually lead Trump base to break with him is, people simply can't live their lives with him in White House. The constant, daily disruption.
Robert O. Simonson‏

Jeffrey Lord called Trump "fearless.” Trump is "fearless" the way my 2-year-old is: ignorant of consequences. Difference is my 2-year-old is learning.
W. Kamau Bell‏

Stupid venal people voted for a stupid venal man, and here we are.
Tom Tomorrow‏

He wants to defund the National Endowment for the Humanities and doesn't even know who Frederick Douglass is.
ProfB‏ @AntheaButler

I don't understand the appeal of Donald Trump. I don't see how people can look at him and go, "Yeah. Okay."
Ryan Dow‏p
There were a lot of tweets about immigration, from the Muslim ban to the ICE raids rounding up parents or women with brain tumors… you know, just your run-of-the-mill unbelievableness these days:
If you're a person that does not give a crap that families are being separated for wanting a better life, you're pathetic and horrible.
Montserrat‏ @MontserratxCruz

We are witnessing the end of America's long run at attracting the world's top global talent. That will be among Trump's various legacies.
Richard Florida‏

ICE agents said they now feel their job is "fun" again.
Helen Gym‏

These are real headlines from just the last 24 hours. The democracy you took for granted is at stake. Do not shrug this off:

Brandon Friedman‏ @BFriedmanDC

Reminder that President Bannon's goal is to kill as many people as possible, to frighten and fill with despair. The tactics of a terrorist.
N. K. Jemisin‏

One month in, all Trump's done is go after vulnerable people — Muslims, immigrants, trans students — not the powerful.
Julián Castro‏

UH-OH: A tourism research firm forecasts U.S. will have 6.3 million fewer foreign visitors next year because of Trump.
David S. Bernstein‏

You know shouting "mass deportation!" moves the Overton Window in Trump's favor, right? This sets him up to look reasonable when his administration doesn't load foreigners onto boxcars.
Josh Barro‏

I tell you what this is more than fucked up. There are plenty of white illegals here, but ICE ain't hopping on a train to check their visa. Thousands and thousands of people like Melania...from Russia, UK, Germany, Australia, NZ, etc....I know many of them. They're no afraid of ICE. And that's why this is pure racism and white supremacy. You're not really deporting illegals, you're deporting brown and black people.
Lexi Alexander @Lexialex

When we use police or ICE agents as a weapon against the most vulnerable, we make everyone less safe and our county less just.
Phillip Atiba Goff

i love when dorks are like "my grandparents came LEGALLY." that basically meant passing a lice check and not dying of cholera on the steamer
Virgil Texas‏

From 1975 to 2015, terrorists from Trump's seven Muslim nations killed no one in the U.S. while guns claimed 1.3 million lives.
Steven Greenhouse‏ @greenhousenyt

Why's it considered too idealistic imagining a borderless world for actual people when it already exists for corporations and state interests?
The Slaves Singing‏ @williamcson

1. One of the worst threats of the ICE raids is self-fulfilling prophecy. Nearly every scholarly study shows immigrants decrease crime.
2. We also know that crime increases where residents are afraid to call 911 — e.g., if you or your loved ones could be deported for calling.
3. What that means is that by deploying ICE to terrorize, it is very likely that the administration is driving crime UP.
4. An uptick of crime could then become the excuse for further crackdowns — even if the raids are the reason for crime!
5. As policing becomes an increasingly visible political football, please know the science: Compliance with the law begins with trust in it.
6. Compliance with the law does not begin with fear of it. Policies that erode trust in law enforcement endanger police and communities.
7. It is NEVER a choice BETWEEN safety and trust in the law. It is nearly always the case that more of one begets more of the other.
Phillip Atiba Goff

Make no mistake: The ICE raids in six states are not business as usual. They are meant to terrorize and destabilize our cities, communities.
George Takei

Trump's presidency presents more risk to the Republic than do the well-vetted refugees we resettle to America. And, they're better looking!
Evan McMullin‏

Rounding up undocumented workers in Southern California is a strange way to create blue collar jobs in the rural Midwest.
Matthew Yglesias‏

We are so divided that some of us think of the raids as looming Nazism, while others think of not doing the raids as looming Communism.
Anand Giridharadas‏ @AnandWrites

Breaking up families. Separating mothers and daughters. Using children as bait. This is not just wrong. It is a sin.
Guy Cecil‏

I don't want my country to be a place where police stop you 'at random' and demand your papers.
southpaw @nycsouthpaw

To which @prisonculture responded:
It already is. That's the rub.
When anonymous immigration official describes cities as "a target-rich environment,” reveals just how ugly this is.
Joe Sudbay‏

The heartbreak and damage this administration is causing will take decades, if not generations, to understand.
Jared Yates Sexton‏ (responding to deportation raids)

Hey, 51% of Trump voters. Remind me again which people should be deported because they refuse to assimilate and respect American democracy:

Ryan Adams‏ @filmystic

We relegated total dystopia to the realm of fiction, and forgot that dystopian fiction was meant to be cautionary.
Tom Tomorrow‏

"Americans would never let that happen here." WE HAVE ALREADY LET IT HAPPEN. Our nation's founding DEPENDED on it happening here. How the fuck do you get to adulthood and still have romantic notions of "America"?
Kristin Rawls‏

"Rather than generating crime, high concentrations of immigrants appear to reduce it."
Nikhil Goyal‏

Irony: German immigrants un-American for drinking beer; Muslim immigrants un-American for not drinking enough beer.
G. Willow Wilson‏

Saying it one more time for the people in the back: Freedom of religion doesn’t mean the right to discriminate against other people.
ACLU National‏

Nativists' greatest coup was convincing the rest of us that having *any* restriction on immigration was normal.
Jacob Anbinder‏
In response to the immigration actions and everything else, there was protest:
Calling liberals hysterical is a tactic that has been used against women for years. Having emotions does not make you a liar or wrong.
Aparna Nancherla‏

We know what this county has allowed in the past. We know what the government is capable of doing to the groups it demonizes. Never again.
Women's March‏

"Always Maintain" —Imani Perry:

Brian Herrera‏ @stinkylulu

For those complaining that acts of disruption are exhausting, remember this: Montgomery Bus Boycotts lasted 381 days!
Charles M. Blow‏

All day, every day. #dissentispatriotic:

ACLU National‏

People who believe the world is suddenly overrun with paid protestors should have to try and produce a crowd scene for a low-budget movie.
Jennifer Liao‏ @averagejenn

Goldman Sachs gave Jason Chaffetz's campaign $15,000. He co-sponsored a bill to dismantle Wall Street regulations. Who's the paid protester?
Samuel Sinyangwe‏ @samswey

Healthcare, immigration, refugees, job protections, consumer protections, environment, no DAPL — the other opinion is "well, just die."
Alexander Chee‏

Gosh. Liberals sure are well-organized. The way they bus illegal voters to this state and that, and fund all those protesters. Amazing.
Robert O. Simonson‏

I agree that sunlight is a great disinfectant. That’s why I’m a journalist. But it’s not everything. Thinking mere exposure makes change is an elitist distortion. Protest and organizing has always been a major part of social change.
Shane Bauer‏

I resist because I live on stolen land in a country whose economic success is rooted in slavery. If I do not resist, I am complicit.
Sophieeg‏ @EgSophie

If kneeling during the National Anthem is a sign of protest, I think we all need to be lying facedown at this point
Aparna Nancherla‏

if you don't think something is political, it's because you share its politics.
Matt Pearce‏

"Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground.” –Frederick Douglass
Haymarket Books‏

All the GOP talk about paid protesters tells us one thing: the GOP pays for protesters.
Carl Newman‏ @ACNewman

Wayne LaPierre's salary is $5,000,000 per year.
My salary is $0.
Who's the paid protestor?
Shannon Watts‏
Given how stunning and important it is, I'm surprised there weren't more tweets about Russia and the Flynn resignation:
Either Trump is at the heart of the biggest scandal in USA history or CIA is engaged in an epic disinformation campaign against a president.
Jeet Heer‏ @HeerJeet

Nixon offers no precedent. He engaged in domestic law-breaking. Trump is in bed with a country that has thousands of nukes pointed at America.
John Schindler‏ @20committee

It's important not to be distracted from the white-nationalism story by the incompetence story, nor from that story by the Russian-coup one.
Anand Giridharadas‏

"We can't investigate yet because we don't have enough information" is an admission that Congressional investigations are punishment, not inquiry.
Josh Barro‏

An investigation of unprecedented Russian influence is not useful because it might get in the way of repealing Obamacare! No words.
Brendan Nyhan‏ (responding to Rand Paul saying Republicans shouldn’t investigate their own party)

QUESTION: How can you call yourself a patriot and support 33 Benghazi hearings but NOT ONE on whether Russia infiltrated the White House?
Peter Daou‏

The party that did seven congressional investigations into Benghazi thinks its time to move on from this Russia thing
Mazel Tov Cocktail‏ @AdamSerwer

This isn’t about the Logan Act. It’s about the appearance of payback to the Russians to reward them for tipping the election to Trump
David Frum‏

Let us be clear. The DOJ informed POTUS that the National Security Advisor was compromised and nothing was done until it became public.
Anthony M. Kreis‏

On one hand, three weeks is absurdly early for a scandal like this. On the other, three weeks is an eternity for Putin to have a man on the inside.
Jerry David‏ @BostonJerry

I think left/liberal activists who say that Russia is not a fruitful avenue for organizing (compared to, say, ACA) are totally correct but also: the Russia stuff is not going away, and is a BFD on the merits.
Christopher Hayes‏
There were quite a few responses to policies and budgets that were floated:
Policy designed to uplift “the poor” without eliminating the conditions that produce poverty itself is a revolving door, not a safety net.
Meagan Day‏

A DoD report found $125 billion in Pentagon waste. We should look into that before decimating EPA, State Dept, etc.
Mark Takano

The average American thinks foreign aid is is 31% of the budget (2015 poll). THIRTY-ONE PERCENT. It's actually ~1%.
Sahil Kapur‏

The truth is that today's divide isn't actually about Left and Right, Democrat and Republican, it's civil society versus self-interest.
Jared Yates Sexton‏

This is quite a chart, from Dean Baker:

Jonathan Hopkin‏

What scares me more is how little the average American understands about "regulation" and how it affects various parts of their lives. I don't think the average adult American with a standard American public education can speak about regulation as an informed citizen.
Feminisce Mackie‏ @FeministaJones

Breaking: Lawmaker from party against gun control invokes victim of gun violence as reason he's afraid of being shot by people with guns.

Achieving faster GDP growth in the face of an aging population while deporting millions of people is going to be challenging.
Matthew Yglesias‏

Trans kids need our protection. We don’t need protection from them.
Rainbow Rowell‏

"Freedom is the ability to buy what you want."
Um, no. That's *wealth.* You're describing wealth.
Fred Clark‏ @SlacktivistFred

A budget that eliminates AmeriCorps to fund a Deportation Force says a lot about the kind of country Donald Trump wants to build.
Ronald Klain‏

Imagine being so desperate to take healthcare away from people that you elect a fascist, who is racist and a traitor.
lyz lenz‏ @lyzl

American medicine: No one will give you a price beforehand. It's always a surprise bill. Then, you are blamed for not shopping around.
Joseph N. Cohen‏

The concern that the Trump administration will monkey with federal data assumes they care about having data to back up their claims. They seem to think their current strategy — just making shit up — works well for them. And it's way more flexible than torturing the data.
Josh Barro‏

Every day an average of 50 Americans die of opioid overdose. An average of 0.05 people die from terrorism. Where is the opiod policy?
Emily Oster‏ @ProfEmilyOster

Repealing the fiduciary rule will cost Americans around $17 billion each year.
Deb Whitman‏ @policydeb
And several on the issue of voter “fraud” and voter suppression:
Trump and crew fraudulent claim of voter fraud is the new birtherism — a baseless lie whose purpose is to delegitimize US electoral democracy.
Philip Gourevitch‏

There have been a handful of documented cases of voter fraud. Over 50 million people are unregistered to vote. The real problem is clear.
Demos‏ @Demos_Org

New research finds strict voter ID laws double turnout gap between whites and Latinos, almost double between whites and blacks.
Jonathan Stein‏

Talking about voter fraud and crime-ridden communities while plotting voter suppression is systemic racism.
Rev. Dr. Barber‏
Trump’s staff, proposed appointments, and nominations got a lot of attention:
Betsy DeVos introduces herself as "the first person to tell Bernie Sanders to his face that there's no such thing as a free lunch."
Dave Weigel

To which Jeet Heer‏ @HeerJeet replied:
DeVos was born a billionaire so her entire life has been one big free lunch.

Every Senator who voted for Scott Pruitt's confirmation should be made to drink, cook with and bathe in Flint water during his EPA tenure.

Note for the more excitable, the U.S. constitution does not grant the EPA administrator the power to suspend the laws of physics.
Gavin Schmidt‏ @ClimateOfGavin

DeVos is to Arne Duncan as Trump is to the GOP: the same philosophy, taken to the extreme, minus the pretense of charm or respectability.
Anthony Moser‏ @mosermusic

Did you really think his island of misfit toys advisors was going to alter his fundamentals? Really?
Rick Wilson‏

GOP was skittish about confirming someone with allegations of domestic abuse and yet voted for someone who bragged about sexual assault.
Christopher Hayes (referring to the withdrawal of Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder)

I just saw a commercial for Judge Gorsuch. A commercial. For a Supreme Court justice. Paid for by a PAC. #wtf
Sarah Cooper‏ @sarahcpr

He may be the most obnoxious White House staffer I've seen over five decades. His arrogance is fully matched by his ignorance. He will fall.
John Dean‏ (talking about Stephen Miller, who said "The powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned")

This Must Be the New Department of Education Logo:

Hemant Mehta‏

Fun fact: We didn't always have a Justice Department. President Grant created it in 1870 to protect black civil rights and smash the Klan.
Matt Ford‏ @fordm

Congratulations, America. We have an oil man at State, a billionaire idiot at Education, and a racist as Attorney General.
George Takei‏

A man too racist to be a federal judge in the ’80s is now Attorney General. Do you realize how racist "too racist" was in the 1980s?
Franklin Leonard‏

GOP celebrates Black History Month by confirming a lifelong opponent of civil rights as the nation's top law enforcement official
Ari Berman‏

"Betsy wasn't so much confirmed, but rather given a receipt for her purchases."
Dr Kelly Sennholz‏ @MtnMD

Why does Bannon look like Baron Harkonnen? Do we know?
Mikki Kendall‏ @Karnythia

basically every richly detailed/anonymously sourced story about the inner workings of the White House reads like magic realism at this point
Matt Pearce‏

Can you imagine having as much money and safety as these fuckers have and still choosing to be a such a shitty factory of misery and hate?
Saladin Ahmed‏

Trump is Mr. January in Mike Pence's "Scared Straight Re-orientation Calendar." Now meet Mr. February:

Chris Easy D Stedman‏

Funny they dismiss us as "paid protestors". Given they all took big donations from the DeVos family, aren't they "paid senators"?
Matthew Chapman‏ @fawfulfan

Tillerson and Mattis can share the Nobel Peace Prize if we all get through this in one piece.
Ross Douthat‏

If Gorsuch were committed to the rule of law he would have declined the nomination because Garland deserved a hearing.

In case you missed it: white man who lost by 3 million votes gets to pick a Supreme Court justice because the GOP said a black man who won by 5 million votes had no mandate.
The Daily Edge‏

Impossible not to view appointment of Falwell Jr to a higher education seat as anything other than psychological warfare.
William Gibson‏ @GreatDismal
Some folks were talking about the way forward, instead of what we're fighting against:
Universal social programs generate solidarity across all classes and thus, better protect them from austerity measures during crises. In 1981, Reagan proposed deep cuts to Social Security benefits. Within days, his approval rating fell sixteen points. WE NEED THE FOLLOWING: UNIVERSAL health care, UNIVERSAL equitable K-12 and higher education, UNIVERSAL child allowance, UNIVERSAL child care. Progressives should rally behind a "cradle to grave" agenda to create a universal welfare state that guarantees a decent quality of life.
Nikhil Goyal‏

It's never enough just to fight against something, even when that something is as grotesque and dangerous as a Trump Presidency. I'm for clean water, freedom from poison and fracking, a truly open competitive economy, union power, public schools, social security, solar. I want to live in an American where 1 in 5 people are making or growing something and business can trust that the game isn't rigged.
Zephyr Teachout‏

So say you're frustrated or disappointed with the Democrats. I am too. But kill this "no real difference” argument. It's how we got Bush2 *and* Trump.
jelani cobb‏
Is there a more pro-business policy than single-payer? I can't think of one.
Stephanie Kelton
Education was the subject in just a few (not counting the ones about Betsy DeVos):
Teacher unions, public schools, free/cheap access to higher educaiton for poor and working class people? All savagely attacked throughout my career. Neither party has been wonderful on education since I started teaching in 1999. Teachers' unions and public school systems were betrayed. Honestly, I just don't believe that today's politicians want the generations after ours using education to climb socioeconomic classes.
Ebony Elizabeth‏

Public schools, for the common good. An idea that many are probably far more uncomfortable with than they'll admit.
Rachel Cohen‏ @rmc031

So, so many thoughts about this article [in the New York Times about a white family moving to the Village and what they did with their child's schooling]. The child was "safely ensconced" in an "excellent" public school zone. Family couldn't afford private but wanted private experience on public dime. Article written as if unquestionably this is the right thing.
Ida Bae Wells‏ @nhannahjones

School choice and vouchers arise out of white resistance to school desegregation, and these movements thrive in biracial districts. Where there're white children in district, desires of w the parents drive decision making, even if they're minority. In these districts, if neighborhood schools are white, white prints demand n'hood schools. If schools blk/brwn, demand choice.
Ida Bae Wells‏ @nhannahjones
Sustainable cities and climate change generally:
We shouldn't scold cyclists if we have incomplete infrastructure that forces them to make choices to be safe.
jennifer keesmaat‏

Many don't see cars as part of a sprawl system. Even those who do don't realize that the system is heavily subsidized.
Free Public Transit‏

Prohibiting dense development doesn't prevent traffic, it creates it.
Nate Hood‏ @Nathaniel1983

Imagine if every housing development required the building of affordable housing, too? That's inclusionary housing.
jennifer keesmaat‏

Every liter of oil costs one soldier. Why not spend the money on free buses and get off oil.
Free Public Transit‏

If you're worried about debt being left to our kids, you should be OUTRAGED by the price they'll pay for the damage caused by climate change.
Catherine McKenna‏ @cathmckenna

America, apparently, has four times more parking spaces than cars. In urban centers, all those barely used cars compromise density, efficiency.
jennifer keesmaat‏

Future generations will hate us for wasting oil on cars.
Free Public Transit‏

If food waste were a country, it would be the world's third largest source of greenhouse gases.
Mary Hoff‏ @mkhoff

When you ride a bicycle, you're part of a neighborhood. When you're in a car, you're just passing through.
Taras Grescoe‏

Blocking new housing and pushing for free parking above all else is pretty much the exact opposite of fighting climate change.
mike‏ @mikesonn

Reminder: the antidote to Uber isn't Lyft. It's demanding better public transit.
sarah jesudason‏ @fledglingnerd

European cities now building depots to act as hubs for large trucks, so that the last mile or two of delivery can happen on cargo bikes:

jennifer keesmaat‏

Want an alternative to Uber? Use and advocate for better public transport. Convenience shouldn’t be a privilege of the rich.
Jess‏ @theJDuce

Me before I get to the bus stop: "OMG bus PLEASE just be like 1 minute late!"
Me after I get there: "Wtf is taking so long it's been a whole minute."
Kellyanne Kanye‏ @mstharrington

If your first thought about any change is "where will everyone park" you're probably not a local-level progressive
Nick Hannula‏

All structured parking should be built in a way that allows it to be converted to housing/retail at a later date.
mike‏ @mikesonn

The idea that a car is the fastest way to travel from A to B came from the over-engineering of our cities.
jennifer keesmaat‏

I still don't understand how private automobiles aren't seen as the ultimate "elitist travel alternative."
mike‏ @mikesonn

Good to see speed cameras making headway in U.S. They'll save more lives than all other public health programs combined.
William Lindeke‏

A glass of milk today has 1/3 the carbon footprint as a glass in the 1950s because today's cows produce more milk. Whoa.
kelsey kennedy‏

I'm tired of accepting half-ass solutions as the world burns. It feels like late April outside. It is early February.
mike‏ @mikesonn

Southie [Boston] doesn't have a "parking problem." We have a "cars we don't need very often" problem. Myself included.
Jascha FranklinHodge @jfh

Our roads are designed to get cars to the next stoplight quickly, then make them sit for a long time. Doesn't save time but reduces quality of life.
Rik Adamski‏

dunno why people are complaining about the 30 mph speed limits. they're working fine:

William Lindeke‏

Twin Cities climate more like Omaha and Des Moines over the past 17 months:

MPR Weather‏
There were, as usual, a lot about racism and white supremacy, with a few about anti-semitism added to fit the times we live in:
I want the entire range of Blackness shown on the big screen. If white people can have 9766987754 coming-of-age stories then so can we.
Mikki Kendall‏ @Karnythia

A lot of contemporary commentary boils down to older white people are easily triggered and need a safe space from discussion of racism.
Matthew Yglesias‏

So much of what was coded as "black pathologies" are just...things that happen when middle class stability gives way to poverty.
Christopher Hayes‏

White people take up a lot of space.
Tressie Mc‏ @tressiemcphd

People who use an Obama vote as a kind of moral prophylactic against accusations of racism don't seem to understand that casting a ballot for an exceptional black person doesn't preclude hostility toward claims from ordinary black people.
Jamelle Bouie‏

There was a raid at a local pot dispensary and all these white stoners were yelling at cops they had no jurisdiction on stolen native land. I actually thought it was pretty funny they finally decided to acknowledge us when their dank weed was threatened. Any other time, though, and you better believe they'd be like, "IT'S NOT OUR FAULT OUR ANCESTORS WERE DICKS GAAAAWWWWDDD"
Alicia Elliott‏ @WordsandGuitar

if identity politics bores you, perhaps yours isn't up for debate?
Aparna Nancherla‏

Funny how you HAVE TO call it "radical Islamic terrorism,” but with antisemitism, you can't even mention the Jewish community.
Amarnath Amarasingam

When you ask us to coddle those who hate us, you ask us to risk our lives for the sake of others' feelings. This is an unreasonable demand. We are not being sensitive or PC when we demand that our humanity and fundamental right to exist be recognized. We are saying we are *equal.*
Ebony Elizabeth‏ @Ebonyteach

People who think enforced racial diversity is bad also think free speech means having to have white supremacists on and listen to them. Jig. There are clearly lots of views in our culture that you would never be booked to speak on or debate. White supremacy is clearly not one.
Vann R. Newkirk II‏ @fivefifths

Sally Hemmings was 14 and Thomas Jefferson was 44. Let that sink in.
Rebecca Theodore‏ @FilmFatale_NYC

[Jefferson's] actions with Hemmings don't make him uniquely evil. They make him an average slaveowner. We don't damn him. We damn all his kind.
jelani cobb‏

After years of Black girls being told they need to work harder to succeed, the white women lecturing Beyonce and Serena are mad they succeeded.
Mikki Kendall‏ @Karnythia

black women have the highest sterility, complication and infant and birth mortality rates. and they shoot our kids. US HAVING BABIES IS RESISTANCE.

U don't debate racism. U condemn it. U don't debate anti-semitism. U condemn it. U don't debate Islamophobia. U condemn it. Got it?

Bill Maher and Milo, Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah, the list goes on... Maybe, just maybe, liberals entertaining fascists are part of the problem.
The Slaves Singing‏ @williamcson

I mean, white supremacists, amirite? So loyal. So easily led. Just throw some non-WASPS under the bus, instant powah.
N. K. Jemisin‏

I don’t think white people recognize the extent to which the president’s rhetoric is empowering vigilante activity against people of color
Justin Cohen‏

Attn corporate media outlets: Giving racists a platform to spew vitriol may qualify as "free speech," but it also nurtures white supremacy.
Stacey Patton‏ @DrStaceyPatton

Notice how all the winners in the U.S. are perpetually ANGRY: white men (people), Christians, heterosexuals? They know the game is rigged and their self-conscious guilt manifests as anger, as a defense mechanism to cling to that unfair advantage.
Paul Thomas‏ @plthomasEdD

The Second Middle Passage:

Jessica M. Johnson‏ @jmjafrx

7 in 10 white people own their home. 6 in 10 black people rent. When home values go up, that's a recovery for some, a crisis for others.
Scott Shaffer‏ @scttdvd

Also: The easiest way for a black person to get a platform is to deny or downplay the significance of racism. It’s a reliable hustle.
Joel D. Anderson‏

Right? White men are a voting bloc with distinct priorities but somehow not engaged in "identity politics."
Gene Demby‏

In general, I'm 1000% opposed to a white history month. But I'm wondering if we could trick the dummies into learning some actual history?

You should feel blessed that the descendants of centuries of racial oppression thus far have only wanted justice and liberation and not revenge.
Stacey Patton‏ @DrStaceyPatton

One day I'm going to stop being annoyed by America pretending white mediocrity is excellence.
Son of Baldwin‏

"Black people know what white people mean when they say 'law and order.'" – Fannie Lou Hamer #ShePersisted #BlackHistoryMonth
Charles M. Blow‏

Some of you still think Black women have no selves to defend and I am uninterested in coddling you. Today or ever.
Mikki Kendall‏ @Karnythia

This is Issac Granger. His childhood was spent making nails for Thomas Jefferson's plantation. This is recent history, fam. USA is young:

Bree Newsome‏

The 30% of white people who always seem to come down on the right side of justice issues need to figure out how to bring more white people over.
I really tried to ignore the CPAC/Milo disgrace, but a few snuck through:
wow if the right is upset about Milo wait till they hear twenty children were shot and killed in an elementary school and they did nothing
Timothy Simons‏ @timothycsimons

CPAC deciding there are lines they won’t cross is integrity. Women, immigrants doing the same is “intolerance.”
jelani cobb‏

The thing that unifies every awful thing Milo Yiannopoulos says is his belief that the powerful should feel free to victimize the less so. Calling other people's concerns "political correctness" means "I don't care about this, so I assume you only pretend to, to score points."
Alexandra Erin‏
And finally, the best of the rest:
I have filed two stories, had a staff meeting on Google and did an interview in the airport quietly. Business guys, meanwhile, scream into cell phones. Oh, and I virtually attended my mother's house closing. Quietly. Guy screaming about selling air filters is the real MVP though.
Tressie Mc‏ @tressiemcphd

Unpopular opinion: if you have to follow up with "it was a joke" — it probably wasn't to someone else.
Fran Wilde‏

Not sure what this guy thinks is going to happen at Disney today:

Jamie Lissow‏

Every time people go on about how not-feminist Islam is I wanna hit them over the head with a bible
Julie Blommaert‏ @Julie_B92

I studied critical thinking for my PhD thesis. What we're missing in the world isn't critical thinking as much as it's listening and empathy.

"I don't want to interrupt..." means "I've decided to interrupt." Similarly, "That sounds great in theory" = "I don't even like the theory."
Alfie Kohn‏

Opiod producers are the biggest opponents of legalized weed. Hmmm, I seem to recall an economic case about protectionism causing corruption.
Dean Baker‏

The Biak glider is a small marsupial from the Schouten Islands, Indonesia:

Strange Animals‏

[Newly elected Republican Rep. John] Faso is one of thousands of Koch brothers clones: fatherly, well spoken, nice hair, sounds "moderate," votes 100% hard line right wing. Phony!
Langdon Winner‏

"News shouldn't make you happy. You're an adult. You don't need the news to make you happy." –Hari Kondabolu
MPR News‏

Oh my god I just had the stunning realization that the U.S. is the Florida of the world.

"A system I do well in is a well-oiled meritocracy" is something no one ever says but is like a deeply implanted hypnotic suggestion.
Michael Hendricks @MHendr1cks

To which Ebony Elizabeth‏ @Ebonyteach responded:
Exactly. (I'm living the life I have today largely because of labor unions, philanthropy and a struggling but intact Detroit Public Schools.)

As much as society would like you to think otherwise, there is nothing weak about being kind.
Aparna Nancherla‏

They wanted not-PC culture. Well, be careful what you wish for.
Kim Kardafrican‏ @wstafrican

The number of extremely poor neighborhoods in the U.S. more than doubled between 2000 and 2010-14.
Dr. EFleming‏

The real Swedish message: 200,000 refugees, no terrorist attacks.
Simon Schama‏

For decades all I heard from Republicans was protecting the constitution.  Not even a month into holding power and they're shredding it.
David Yankovich‏

“There's really no such thing as the 'voiceless'. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.” –Arundhati Roy
Haymarket Books‏

The people who hate politics are exactly the ones who should be running for office!

Seems Evangelicals have adopted an "alt-Bible”:

Alan Mills‏ @alan_uplc

Transphobia has no place in feminism. Trans women are women. And if you aren't down with that, you aren't down with women. Welcome to 2017.
Ijeoma Oluo‏

Better to create something that others criticize than to create nothing and criticize others.

New word suggestion: Hatriotism (HATE-TREE-A-TISM). -n.- Spreading vitriol and bigotry under the guise of national pride, Also see: hatriot.
Aparna Nancherla‏

Only some roses are red;
Violets aren't really that blue.
Don't let our oft-repeated and reductive norms
Define or limit you.
Andrew Harwell‏ @andrewasalways

Krk‏ @RKirkRow

Here's an idea: I don't show up at a NASCAR race with a '01 Prius, and you don't show up to an academic debate with Alex Jones. Deal?
Heautontimoroumenos‏ @paulengelhard

The post-truth media-cascade resembles other doomsday prophecies. But it may mainly be an increased reporting of lies? An improvement!
Ola Rosling‏

It can be true that Hillary Clinton worked incredibly hard, was subjected to virulent sexism and unfair standards and also just sucked as a candidate.

"what about Sharia law," the American right hollered, between closing women's health clinics and allowing rapists to sue their victims.
S. Havisham-Hamilton‏ @ShannonIsBadAt

Just did the math. If my child grew at the same rate he has for his first three months he would weigh 2,560 lbs on his second birthday.
Hank Green‏

JOHN LOCKE: mixing labour with nature makes it into property
PEASANT: ok, so I can hunt animals anywhere, right?
LOCKE: haha goodness, no
fail cooper‏ @erasmuslijn

Immortal words of Heidi Shierholz, Economic Policy Institute: Any time a biz says they can't find workers, append “at the wages they want to pay.”
Dave Cooper‏ @metaCoop

Hans Rosling: "I know that people living in extreme poverty are smart. If they were stupid, they would be dead."

white people eradicated entire populations for spices and yet the bay leaf remains a mystery to them
Goth Ms. Frizzle‏ @spookperson

"If the media covered car crashes the same way they cover terrorism, I'd never drive again." –Trevor  Noah
Oliver Moore‏

If during a time of crisis and scarcity, we choose to shoot and not share, then our species deserves the epitaph that will be written for it.
Ebony Elizabeth‏ @Ebonyteach

Contrarian is shorthand for "person I do not want to talk to at a party"
Aparna Nancherla‏

I still believe that peace and plenty and happiness can be worked out some way. I am a fool.
Kurt Vonnegut‏

"We don't just need to preserve our democracy. We need to create a better one." –Ari Berman

I remain amazed that the Weasley family never told Harry to take his destiny & get the fuck out. Especially after Ginny was possessed.
Mikki Kendall‏ @Karnythia

GOP is 100% PRO-VIOLENCE as long as it's carried out by white men, police and the military. Extra credit if you can hurt the marginalized especially.

me in real life:


Nearly once a month for the last three years, a gun owner has shot a family member mistaken for an intruder.

Anybody who thinks we should interpret the constitution based on the understandings of its adopters is an unapologetic white supremacist. Adopters of the constitution supported slavery, the genocide of indigenous people and the oppression of women. Originalists want that world. To call somebody a constitutional originalist is a politically correct way of describing white supremacists with law degrees.
Nelson Flores‏

"Prisons do not disappear social problems, they disappear human beings."—Angela Davis
The Crisis Magazine‏


Ryan Dow‏

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