Saturday, February 4, 2017

Trump Inspires Great Art

One micro-thin silver lining of the Turnip era: editorial art. I've been putting a few pieces away to share all at once, and I have more than five now so it's time for the first round.

This piece was from Time magazine back in August. It's by Edel Rodriguez:

Unfortunately, this cover was too quick to predict Trump's demise.

This piece is from Mother Jones:

Created by Mike McQuade, it accompanies an article called Peter's Choice: I asked my student why he voted for Trump. The answer was thoughtful, smart, and terrifying.

This one doesn't appear to be attributed to anyone:

The signature at lower right is from the original, Soviet-era artwork (seen here). The Photoshop artist is unknown, as far as I can tell.

There will be many political cartoons. Here's one I particularly liked:

It's by Mark Wilson who goes by the name Marquil. This is his website:

Italian cartoonist Matteo Bertelli had this take on Turmp's wall:

And finally, there's this illustration for an Atlantic article on Trump's conflicts of interest:

Visually arresting and pithy. Great stuff on an infuriating topic.


After I posted, I realized I forgot the Der Spiegel cover that just ran after the botched executive order on immigration:

The art is by Edel Rodriguez (who also did the Time magazine cover art). Rodriguez is a Cuban-born American artist who came to the U.S. during the Mariel boatlift as a child. Some of his illustration work can be seen here. He is also a painter. About this cover, he said: “If I wanted to live in a dictatorship, I'd live in Cuba... it’s much warmer.”

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