Sunday, January 15, 2017

Possibly the Worst Packaging Ever

Yes, it's a small company, but is this how you would want your carefully crafted product to be presented to the buying public?

I can see that the labeling is only a sticker, adhered to a plain tin, and that means there are some limits on the design. But really. Readable letter forms don't cost extra. And there are five different typefaces on there, too (plus the varying script lettering styles in the two logos).

Not to mention there's no need to strew the elements randomly around the space, use clunky outlines on the type (because the designer knows the color isn't dark enough to be readable on a white background), or toss in clip art that's more distracting than helpful.

Here is my 20-minute revision of the lemon label:

No more unnaturally squashed type and unnecessary all caps. Only three typefaces (two of which are sans serifs that might as well be in the same family). Elements grouped and aligned. And the outline treatment of the Sweet Nothings brand name reflects the no-calorie product claim.

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