Monday, November 7, 2016

Heater of Rump, 2016

We have this cool improv group here in the Twin Cities called the Theater of Public Policy. They've been doing lots of appearances lately (I wonder why?), including right now at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis:

This isn't their usual logo, but gosh, they were clever to notice their name works perfectly with the rejected Trump-Pence logo that was so ridiculed back in July:

Trump and Pence never used the T/P monogram alongside their last names without their first letters, as T2P2 does in the photo above, and is an all-too-common mistake in bad logos.

In T2P2's case, it's bad enough having the word "HEATER" spring out at the reader. For Trump, of course, that type of design would have turned him into RUMP:

Which would remind viewers all the more of the unfortunate visual symbolism built into the interlocking T and P, which was pointed out by many people before the logo was withdrawn.

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Gina said...

This just increases the hilarity around that logo. LOL