Saturday, October 8, 2016

Some Apology

Trump’s midnight non-apology for his predatory and misogynist 2005 words was analyzed by a mainstream reporter here, but what I found more enlightening were the thoughts of a Twitter user named Leah McElrath, who went through Trump's statement phrase by phrase to show how it follows the patterns of an abuser:

Trump's statement is an eerie replica of psychological manipulations made by abusers after episodes of abuse. Let's break it down.

1. "I'm not perfect" = you're expectations that I behave like a human being are unreasonable.
2. "I've never pretended to be someone I'm not" = you fell in love with me so it's your fault.
3. "this more than decade-old video" = it was a long time ago, why the fuss? you're so unreasonable.
4. "these words do not reflect who I am" = the reality you just experienced didn't actually happen (gaslighting)
5. "I said it...I apologize" = get over it already, I *said* I'm sorry, you're being hysterical.
6. "I''" = it's all about me; your needs, feelings, existence don't matter.
7. "grieving mothers...laid off workers..." = what are you complaining about? you have it good compared to others.
8. "I pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never let you down" = I'm sorry I hit you, it'll never happen again.
9. "Let's be honest" = you're not being honest.
10. "We're living in the real world" = I'm sane and you're crazy.
11. "This is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues" = see what you did?! this is all your fault!
12. "we are less safe...Hillary..." = if you only held up your end of the relationship, I wouldn't have to hurt you.
13. "I've said some foolish things, but..." = you're being hysterical over nothing again, you're so crazy.
14. “[Bill Clinton has] actually abused" = the abuse you experienced wasn't *really* abuse.
15. "We will discuss this more...See you...on Sunday" = I'm in control here, not you (with menacing implied threat)

Trump ends his statement of "apology" for bragging about sexually assaulting women with a promise to attack yet another woman more viciously.
I hope that's all I'll have to say about the current Trump implosion. It won't be the last, I'm sure.


McElrath's entire string of tweets can be found on Storify.


Anonymous said...

The whole thing is disgusting. I hope this is the end of him. but damned if his followers don't back him up no matter what. That's weird.

The Independent Whig said...

Hillary is a classic enabler of an ACTUAL sexual predator, her husband bill. She protects his aberrant behavior, and she's an attack dog against his accusers.

She has blood on her hands from Banghazi.

She and her husband became multi-millionaires trading government favors for cash.

Next to her Trump is a boy scout.

If any Republican candidate did what she did with her servers, or any ONE of her other violations of the public trust, their career would be over and/or they'd be in jail

But because of the moral myopia of left-wing Western Culture, the reaction to her near-treasonous disregard for the security of classified information, her lead blocking for her mentally ill husband's sick predilections, and her cavalier approach to our embassy's safety, is ho hum. These aren't the droids you're looking for. Nothing to see here. Move along.

It's a sick, twisted, world in which priorities are a completely reversed, in which an actual near-criminal (Hillary) gets a pass because she "means well" and "cares" (sic) and Trump is vilified for inelegant locker room language that is orders of magnitude less heinous than Hillary's despicable, or should I say deplorable, ideas and behaviors.

Daughter Number Three said...

I get enough of your point of view from a few of my relatives, Independent Whig, to know where you're coming from and how twisted it is.

I am leaving your comment here despite its (to me, a person who doesn't read alt-right craziness) obvious errors and misdirections, but I am not going to debate this here, so don't bother replying.

And it's Benghazi, not Banghazi (sic).