Saturday, October 22, 2016

Old Stuff

I didn't intend to go antiquing, but there they were: about a dozen high-quality dealers set up adjacent to my noon commitment today. I bought a few things, but took more pictures.

First, two sides of a crate from Griggs, Cooper and Co. coffee roasters:

"Makes the best drink." Now there's an assertive slogan.

Check out the shapes of the letters in COFFEE. Pretty crazy!

Then there was this litho stone:

Be sure to click to enlarge this one because each part of it is a different logo for a local business, and there's some cool type and lettering in there.

I couldn't resist this sign as a name that may have been bad for business:

For the next time you need an image to go with your thoughts about how so much of modern culture has turned to pablum: informs me that pablum is a form of the Latin pabulum, which meant fodder, food, or nourishment. Its more current, negative connotation derived directly from this product, sold starting in 1931, and was first attested as used by Spiro Agnew in 1970.

Finally, this amazing box:

It still has the Belgian (or maybe French?) price tag on it. I have no idea what the product is; searching "ouate revulsive" leads me to believe it may be cotton soaked with capsicum (pepper oil). Maybe for muscle pain?


Michael Leddy said...

Nice! The Kraps & Long reminds me of PUSH and Rooms to Let signs I bought at a five-and-dime years ago. Deadly metal corners!

Is $125 reasonable for that stone?

Daughter Number Three said...

Daughter Number Three-Point-One tells me it probably is. From a printer's/use point of view, it depends on the thickness of the stone and the dimensions.