Wednesday, September 7, 2016

You Can't Drink Oil

By now, you've probably heard about the Dakota Access Pipeline and the amazing protest that's happening out there among a wide range of native peoples. The pipeline would bring fracked oil from the Bakken area of North Dakota through South Dakota and Iowa to Peoria, Illinois. On the way it runs beneath the Missouri River (sounds like a plan, right?) and through the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. (If you are on Facebook, it's well worth reading this post by Ashley Fairbanks, a young native woman from Minnesota who recently traveled to the encampment.)

Yesterday we got our local angle on the story: a Minneapolis law firm, Fredrikson & Byron, represents the pipeline (which is being sued by the ACLU and others), so there was a protest outside and in the lobby of the building where F&B is located. Just a couple of photos, since I was busy holding a sign most of the time:

People are urged to call Fredrikson & Byron at 612-492-7000 to urge them to drop the Dakota Access Pipeline as a client.

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