Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Cover Meltdown

One thing I regret about our present era is the near disappearance of the illustrated magazine cover. Not just because magazines have lost much of their prominence generally given the rise of the interweb, but also because someone decided along the way that photos were more compelling to readers. (Along with lots of yellow headlines.)

But they are wrong. Illustrations make the best covers:

This one is by Edel Rodriguez and it's going to be shown for years to come in design schools.

Whether it makes anyone buy the magazine, I can't say, but that seems like the wrong metric to me.


Pete Hautman said...

I love this cover, although I thought it could have been improved by making Trumps mouth less circular and more square, as it is in life.

Gina said...

Time has always had provocative illustrations on its cover as well as photos.