Thursday, August 18, 2016

AV Tabs

My tabs are extending to the width of four or five large monitors once again. Here are just a few that include audio or video.

David Simon (creator of The Wire and former police reporter from Baltimore) recently spoke at Chautauqua on everything wrong with policing in America over the past 30 years. Worth the hour or a bit less it takes of your time. I plan to listen to it again.

Big cities are moving away from car-based planning. Finally. On the Diane Rehm Show.

A TED Talk by New York Times columnist Anand Giridharadas in the form of a letter from those who have won in our current era to those who have lost, or think they have. On Twitter, he described the talk this way:

I've been as guilty as many of answering widespread fear with fear, and anger with anger. But here I tried to do something different. So on a plane to Canada, I hand wrote the beginnings of what would become this "Letter to All Who Have Lost in this Era." We have enough rage, enough trolling, enough enemy-making. But we are, in a very real way, going to have to escape this moment together. And part of that healing will come from owning up to each of our parts in the collective failure of a generation to prevent this moment.
How masculinity can hurt mental health. Health care for low-income boys and men of color is too often substandard, and so they have some of the worst health outcomes. This 16-minute episode of Speaking of Psychology (from the American Psychological Association) features Wizdom Powell of the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill talking about how racism and gender stereotyping contribute to a decline in men’s health.

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