Sunday, July 31, 2016

Twitter, July 2016, What a Month

What a month, what a month. Can I say that again?

This post is pretty long, I admit. It’s more or less in chronological order by topic, but in reverse chronological order within topic. Hope that makes sense!

On the killing of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and police in Dallas and Baton Rouge, plus Black Lives Matter protests and the non-fatal shooting of Charles Kinsey (the black man lying on the ground with hands in the air):

I'd appreciate it if Metro Transit quit using their buses and drivers to oppose Black Lives Matter.
KEN ‏@panndder

Stop snitching is gang culture but the thin blue line is solidarity.
Myles Brown ‏@mdotbrown

We know how to fix American policing. We know how to stop race riots and racial unrest. We've convened task forces on it annually since 1935.
Wesley Lowery

I wake up the last few mornings thinking, Damn why did I come back to America? I'm really starting to hate it here. Let me be clear about what I hate...the notion that America is a great county when it is a cesspool of gun violence and racism.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

During this political season why is it that we often hear about EITHER the campaigns OR policing? Shouldn't the first speak to the second?
Phillip Atiba Goff

[from before the shooting of three police officers in Baton Rouge, but after the shootings in Dallas] To be clear: one tragedy was committed by a loner who snapped. The other two tragedies this week were committed by taxpayer-funded agents of the state. There have always been people who've snapped, gone insane, committed horrors. We can't always control that. We can, though, control the guns.
Michael Moore

One guy with an assault weapon did this. The NRA & GOP want them everywhere for everyone.
Andy Richter

I also fucking loathe that this week is what it takes to get Trump non-news out of my timeline.
Matt Wallace ‏@MattFnWallace

I'm so tired of people saying "protests don't work, we tried that.” This problem is 500 years deep. This systemic racism won't end in one protest.
BLACK POWER ranger ‏@MalcolmLondon

There is plenty of extrajudicial police killing-with-impunity to go around. Trust. It's not like a commodity that black people are hoarding.
wikipedia brown ‏@eveewing

It’s well past time to overturn the Supreme Court's awful Heller decision. The results have been disastrous for **everyone**.
Jonathan Metzl

Fighting back against government tyranny is a central fantasy of the gun rights movement. Dallas is what it looks like in reality. No Redcoats.
Joshua Holland

Lazy thinking will haunt us in the weeks to come. A lack of historical context will as well. In the meantime, know this: Anyone arguing that one group of people is more death-worthy than another is lying to you.
Phillip Atiba Goff

Why would anyone #PrayforAmerica when it hasn't prevented any of the previous tragedies? America needs people who can take action, not God.
Hemant Mehta

Oh and Black Lives Matter activists are Real Americans too. Our ancestors more than paid for the right.
John Legend

I don't want black men shot at traffic stops. I don't want cops shot by snipers. I don't want kids shot at school. I don't want any of this.
EM Simpson ‏@charlie_simpson

Fort Greene, Brooklyn:

Wyatt Ness ‏@ParisBurned

Stop telling me about the good cops. I don't want to hear about it. If they are so good, they too should be demanding justice.
Linda Sarsour

I. Don't. Care. About. The. Fucking. Emails. Can. My. Tax. Dollars. Go. Towards. Addressing. Gun. Violence. In. This. Country. Please.
Daniel K. Isaac

I envy my white colleagues who can just write and bury themselves in work. I as a tenured prof with a conscience cannot. I teach the oppression and struggle of our people. I teach about racist Christianity. I sure as hell can't stop now…but it's hard trying to be a scholar when the world is burning your people down.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

It's complex, yes,
But here's a start:
Swap gods and guns
For books and art.
Tim Minchin

“Everyone will sit under their own vine and under their own fig tree, and no one will make them afraid, for the Lord Almighty has spoken.” Micah 4:4. I'm not particularly religious, but the notion of a world where everyone feels safe is calling me right now.
Lin-Manuel Miranda

First step toward genuine police reform is acknowledging that police have behaved as terroristic forces in black communities for a century.
Bree Newsome

If Obama believes that most cops are good then thousands of cops should be speaking out. If not - THEY ARE COMPLICIT.
Wade Davis II ‏@Wade_Davis28

Nah sir. This ain't a trust issue. This is a "stop killing us" issue.
Melissa Harris-Perry

Many white people, even the liberal ones, are invested in the privilege of white supremacy. Stop imagining that your evil folk will change.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

Systemic racism. Machismo. War. Combat training. Male dominance. Privilege. "Otherness." - These are the makings of U.S. police departments.
Molly Priesmeyer

Tim @thollenback15 asked W. Kamau Bell, “In your opinion what will it take to change the way the police act towards the African American community?” W. Kamau Bell answered: “Same thing it will take for better schools and prisons: A total dismantling, reconceiving and rebuilding of the systems.”

Fundamentally our criminal justice system simply does not, at its core, recognize the humanity of millions of our fellow citizens.
Christopher Hayes

1816: Slave auction. "I don't know what to say."
1916: Lynching. "I don't know what to say."
2016: State sanctioned execution. "I don't..."
Ebony Elizabeth

I bet every "all lives matter" "colorblind" "stop race baiting" idiot is related to one white person who knows better. Speak up. Save lives.
Ashley Black ‏@ashleyn1cole

Without prosecutions, [videos of black men being shot by police] function as the lynching postcards and snuff films of the digital age.
Joseph ‏@josephlboston

These police shootings are terrifying because unlike community violence, state violence can strike anywhere. The police are omnipresent…
Charles M. Blow

Myth: Racism declines as time passes.
Reality: Racism fluidly adapts to prevailing norms.
Khaled Bey

Centuries of terrorizing black children, black women, black men; violently separating black families. Tell me: Who the fuck is the superpredator?
Aura Bogado

When police violate an individual's rights without accountability it means, in effect, those rights don't exist for any of us. Understand?
Bree Newsome

Why is intraracial crime between Black people qualified by race and given the term 'Black on Black crime?' Because it's a racist construct. A racist construct that was created to further the idea of Black people as violent criminals and superpredators. But 'Black on Black crime' is not a thing. All crime is related to race and neighborhood and MOST CRIME is intraracial.
Sensei Aishitemasu ‏@seren_sensei

Thinking of how different our country would look if we were committed to providing communities with resources rather than dispatching police.
Clint Smith ‏@ClintSmithIII

Open carry laws were never created for black people but rather, in large part, to instill fear among black people.
Black Magic Woman ‏@jananamirah

"what about black on bl—"? … Can we agree that people can care about both — at the same time — and also that these phenomena involve very different sets of power relations?
Gene Demby

Again, most police chiefs I know want to end open carry. The same guns endanger Black communities and police officers. The ones in danger want them gone.
Phillip Atiba Goff

There is NO excuse/explanation for harming individuals in response to institutional evil. It's counterproductive and stupid and evil. #BatonRouge
Big Indian Gyasi

A reminder [in the context of Black Lives Matter], what Americans thought of the Civil Rights movement in 1964:

Linda Sarsour

The moral and psychological consequence of black people *not* deserving [the way they are treated] is too much to take.
Ramsin Canon

Racism will have you believing that Black people are superhuman and subhuman at the same time.
Action.Brotha.Jedi ‏@BmoreDoc

Mass incarceration, hyper-aggressive policing, the use of petty fines to make up for taxes--these are things the Democratic Party did.
David Kaib

The safest communities have more resources, not more police. Defund the police, invest in community.

"Black people are already living in Donald Trump's America. Now y'all are afraid you're gonna have to live in it too.” - TefPoe
Jason Kowalski ‏@JasonK350

Beyond police training, the one place officers spend years preparing for life is in schools that ignore anti-bias pedagogy. Officers who brutalize people attended public schools that extracted humanity / anti-racism from the curriculum.
Christopher Emdin

Blaming Black Lives Matter for the division we have in this country is like blaming your doctor for discovering u have cancer.
Nicki Mayo

Impoverished, struggling communities need teachers, social workers, mental health counselors, doctors - NOT police.
Nikhil Goyal

Whining about Black Lives Matter is like saying evolution's "just a theory." Reveals ignorance on topic that's really not that complicated.
Hemant Mehta

I'm convinced white people don't want equality. They want to do just enough so that black people stop talking about equality.
Δx Δp ≥ ℏ/2 ‏@HeckPhilly

What we have is a nation with too many disturbed and alienated young men, no real mental health intervention, and unlimited access to guns.
Clara Jeffery

Discomfort because you're newly aware of racism does not equal experiencing systemic racism in your lifetime and repercussions from past systemic racism.
Ebony Elizabeth

People questioning DeRay's photo [of his arrest in Baton Rouge] must never have seen historical photos of protests and activism. The art of photography has aided activism. The photographer captured the moment. Deray has been in this long enough to know that there are levels to this. He knew enough not to struggle. He stayed calm and allowed them to arrest him. His eyes tell the story: look at what they are doing. Now look at what I’m not doing. All of this is strategy. It is a silent conversation between photographer and subject. These are how these now iconic photos were created:

Bassey Ikpi ‏@Basseyworld

There is a huge difference between preserving *order* and ensuring *safety*. We need policies and policing the focuses on the latter.
Christopher Hayes

If the police are saying open carry is a problem, Police should step up and start speaking up louder about it.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

Police killings are the flip side of the under-policing of black communities from violent crime. Too much policing of vice and nuisance, not enough of violent crime and murder. And the former impedes ability to solve latter.
Jamelle Bouie

You let the people - and thus criminals - have military-grade weapons, you get military-style of policing. Simple.
Joseph Nathan Cohen

Unarmed, on the ground, with his hands in the air, in broad daylight. Protecting a man holding a toy truck. Cop still shot Charles Kinsey.
Mikki Kendall ‏@Karnythia

Clearly, he could have been more cooperative. He could have shot himself before police arrived.
David Simon ‏@AoDespair

"Sir, why did you shoot me?"
"I don't know..."
is 400 years of American history wrapped into one conversation.
AHill ‏@al3x_hill

I want black people to stop being target practice for police in America. I also want policemen to live. These two issues can coexist.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

If we start to tally up the millions of dollars paid out by cities for unlawful shootings by police, it is a staggering amount. Every time a person is shot by mistake, and hasn't committed a crime, there is a payout. That's why our cities look like shit. Payouts. It costs millions of dollars for protests, overtime for cops, payouts to families, defending lawsuits. Think about the cycle. This is wrong. I'm not saying these shootings won't happen. I'm saying that the shootings are costing all of us $$$$$$$ . That's staggering.

So yeah, there is a definite racial bias element to many of these shootings by police, but the financial impact is substantial. Let's start acknowledging that. So much money that wouldn't have to be spent if we didn't have so many hair-trigger police shootings. So much money that we wouldn't have to pay in taxes if everyone didn't have a damn assault rifle. Folks have more guns than phones! We have to start a different conversation. Merely saying don't shoot black people is not enough in America. Money talks. That will save us.

Because honestly, if black people were sold as slaves in this nation, appealing to our obvious humanity is not going to move some folks. Appealing to their capitalist greed, and hatred of government spending however, just might work. Expensive payouts from trigger-happy cops. I guarantee you that the good, law-abiding christian capitalists of this nation might start thinking differently about the $$ cost to them.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

2 men with military training allegedly kill cops & this country blames a liberation movement comprised of unarmed black women. -- Kiese L.
Stacey Patton ‏@DrStaceyPatton

Balko: "Of the 74 US cities with populations of 250,000 or more, 36 have murder rates higher than that of police in America."
Nikhil Goyal
And then there was the RNC:
Amid last night's other horrors, it’s worth remembering that Trump essentially proposed making churches tax-free political fundraising machines.
Saladin Ahmed

Trump's message - in uncertain times, go with wild, crazy guy w/no experience, no agenda running truly crappy campaign. Compelling.
Simon Rosenberg ‏@SimonWDC

When it comes to elected officials, I'd rather know what care they have for people to whom they *aren't* related.
Clare Worley

People always think everything is getting worse because they remember a past when they were younger and thinner. But Donald Trump won't make you young and thin again.
Josh Barro

Ben Carson: the man who single-handedly killed the phrase "it's not brain surgery.’
Tom Tomorrow

A lot of the Trump-Nixon comparisons leave out that there was a bona fide crime wave in the late 1960s, unlike now. That is, however much Nixon demagogued the problem and proposed bad solutions, at least he was discussing a real and large problem. More broadly, the Trump-Nixon comparisons are so unfair to Richard Nixon.
Josh Barro

I seriously can't get over Trump's backdrop last night. It's like Triumph of the Will meets the Onion:

Christopher Ingraham

"I am the law & order candidate" is politically correct for "I'll round up and deal with the scary brown people causing all your problems."

Doesn't diminish the ugliness of the speech, but it felt to me like Trump was playing a part, yelling the lines Stephen Miller wrote for him. The real Trump, to the extent such a thing exists, seems like the guy who spent an hour talking (and lying) about Trump Steaks, Wines, etc.
James Surowiecki

seeking power, shouting I ALONE! before a massive crowd - any moviegoer in america who saw trump in a film would think 'that's the bad guy'
Saladin Ahmed

This use of fear to destroy democracy is so old that it’s described exactly in Plato’s Republic.
Nina Bernstein

I’ve heard this sort of speech a lot in the last 15 years and trust me, it doesn’t sound any better in Russian.
Garry Kasparov

I honestly believe this speech is not going to play. Too dark about the wrong things. But what the fuck do I know? When I read the text, I thought it would play. But since he's shouted the whole thing, I think he's coming off as alarming in the wrong way.
Josh Barro

Translation guide for non-Americans:
"Crime" = "blacks suck"
"Terrorism" = "Muslims suck"
"Immigration" = "Hispanics and Asians suck"
Noah Smith ‏@Noahpinion

Trump does this thing where he picks good minority groups and bad ones. It helps combat the idea that he's just for white nationalists.
Josh Barro

It's Mourning in America.
Mike Memoli

This sounds like a speech by a 3rd grader. I’ll beat you up. I'm very very very angry. I'm gonna beat you up. Believe it, believe it.
Judith Browne Dianis

reagan: shining city on the hill
obama: yes we can
trump: look at this shit hole
Oliver Willis

So Medea Benjamin from Code Pink got into the RNC hall and onto the floor twice? This is the party that's going to lockdown our borders?
Gregg Levine

I really don't want Trump to win for the simple reason I don't want him yelling for four years in all caps on Twitter and TV.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

Donald Trump in my experience has no ideology. Law and order is what he's about this week. Never used the phrase before.
Tony Schwartz [coauthor of The Art of the Deal]

In the 18 months I spent around Donald Trump, I never once saw Ivanka Trump in his office and I never heard him once mention her name.
Tony Schwartz [coauthor of The Art of the Deal]

It's amazing how Trump attracts the very worst members of minority groups. Like, his favorite black person is Don King.
Josh Barro

The party that wants to run on its civil rights achievements from 1865 thinks anyone who commits a crime should lose the vote forever.

Donald Trump was funnier before he started saying things that could get us all killed.
Jeet Heer ‏@HeerJeet

President Obama has never spoken as negatively about America as Donald Trump has. Not remotely.
Jeffrey Goldberg

Look. If obama had 3 ex-wives and 5 children with different women, 'modern' and 'blended' family wouldn't be the terms being used right now.
Joan Morgan ‏@milfinainteasy

Scott Baio / John Cusack trial by combat for the fate of america let's do this
Saladin Ahmed

This is a real image:

Benjamin Peryer ‏@BenjaminNYC

Eric Trump looks like the villain in any teen movie. The rich bully who messes with the nerds but sees his comeuppance in the end.
Neil Irwin

In response to a tweet about the RNC by conservative New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, which read “Every major figure who participated in this grotesquerie has disgraced themselves on a level unique in the history of our republic.”

Oh boo hoo. You should have had this meltdown a long time ago. Your hands are dirty too. Having a twitter meltdown isn't becoming. Nor is it helpful. The Republican Party is the Party of Trump now. Republicans, you made Donald Trump. If you love him, great. If you don't, you should have been doing what you needed to to stop him. The Tea Party, the Birther shit, which allowed Trump to rise, the government closures, citizen's united, restrictive abortion laws. It is the height of hypocrisy to lament the Republican party’s turn when this started in ’09 with the inauguration and went down from there. You want to have a meltdown because you are grieving Trump being nominated…get over it. The party has changed. You adapt or sit it out. Look, everyone hates what’s happening, but if you are a Republican, and you put up with the mess of your party all these years, and now... Probably going to get blocked by Douthat for that but that boo hooing about his Republican Party is too much. Buck up. You built this.

Elite Republicans always thought they could hold "their people" down for votes. Now Trump has harnessed them into a army. True conservatism has been dying for a long time. Trump finished it. None of these people lamented when Republicans made it their business to tear down the office of the President. Why? Because black democratic president. They were willing to destroy the importance of the office in order to try to get it back. They didn't stop Trump when he embraced Birtherism. Now he's their candidate. They want the presidency back, but not like this. Too late. The Republican Party is reaping what it has sown. They may drag us all down if we're not careful. So forgive me if I am not so sad about Trump. He is the Republican Party. Get used to it. You deserve each other.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

The RNC in one image. A sign saying "No racism, No hate" being smothered by the American flag:

Haidar Sumeri ‏@IraqiSecurity

Is Trump going deaf? Cause he's really yelling...
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler Jul 19

I honestly wish the Republican Party was competitive & credible as a viable alternative to the Democratic Party for people of color.
Big Indian Gyasi

Every GOP governor says the economy in his state is great but that Obama is ruining the country.
David Corn

GOP delegate: 'mississippi, birthplace of american* music!' (while pledging allegiance to trump under a confederate flag). * ie mostly Black
Saladin Ahmed

Quicken Loans Arena is the perfect place for the RNC. Only thing better would be Gerrymander Center or the Ponzidome.
William Lindeke ‏@BillLindeke

For all the religion stories coming out of the convention yesterday, I think the biggest isn’t related specifically to God or faith. It’s the complete nihilism of the event. I mean seriously, it was like Lamentations without the redemptive promise at the end. There was absolutely no positive vision for the nation, no faith in it, nothing but fear and loss and blind, spitting rage.
Daniel Schultz ‏@pastordan

Have to keep reminding myself while I watch this circus of a convention -- these people actually want to run the country.
Jonathan Metzl

Manafort, Baio, Sabato. Amazing how many trump surrogates are descendants of one of the main targets of the last big immigration scare. A campaign full of italian Americans talking about Muslims and Latinos the way whites used to talk about Italians.
Adam Servianski ‏@AdamSerwer

been saying this for about 15 years but my god what a bunch of bedwetters the right wing are
Tom Tomorrow

Notice how they keep saying "Americans don't feel safe," and then go about attempting to scare the day lights out of them.
Christopher Hayes

Seeing Bob Dole last night was a reminder of a time in America when there were leaders large numbers of people disagreed with and respected. The way in which disagreement and disrespect have become synonyms is one of the great, dark shifts in my lifetime.
Anand Giridharadas
Specifically, on Melania Trump’s plagiarism of Michelle Obama 2008 speech:
15,000 journalists are at the GOP convention. All got scooped by a laid-off TV journalist watching from Starbucks.
Mike Baker ‏@ByMikeBaker

Imagine your kid saying this to his teacher: “93 percent of my essay is completely different than the one I found on the internet.”
Ayelet Waldman ‏@ayeletw

Folks are asking what to tell students about plagiarism, post Melania. Easy: if you're filthy rich AND don't value your education, go right ahead.
Deen Freelon

Thing is, even with the plagiarism, Melania's speech was still the *least* offensive in that dark night of lies and fear mongering.
jay smooth

What makes the Trump camp lies so exasperating is they're so obviously false and imply therefore we're too stupid to notice.
Josh Barro

It's amazing really. A immigrant who became a naturalized citizen, marries a fake mogul, and steals her speech from an American born woman.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

And, let’s not gloss over it, a white supremacist operation trying to profit from the work of an African American family it belittles.
Brian Beutler

White privilege means always getting the benefit of the doubt. #MelaniaTrump
Michael Skolnik

Give Melania credit for repeating the words of Michelle Obama, as opposed to Donald, who usually repeats the words of white supremacists.
Frank Conniff
The next week, everyone turned their attention to the DNC:
Philadelphia, where the Founding Fathers, with no papers, arrived uninvited by indigenous Native people, wrote the Constitution legalizing slavery.
Jose Antonio Vargas

Sigh, anyone who says there was election fraud / Clinton "stole" the Democratic primaries is just being delusional. It majorly sucks, but Sanders would have lost even without the DNC meddling. Time to build on the amazing things we've accomplished.
Nikhil Goyal

The overarching message of the DNC: Democrats are the party for grown-ups of any ideology.
Josh Barro

Anyone who calls Hillary's speech too loud or unsmiling should have to listen to Trump's for eternity. She sounded like Truman; he, Hitler.
WeDon'tLookToBeRuled ‏@andysabl

There's a woman standing on that stage telling us that a man is too emotionally unstable to be president. It's a whole new world.
Jerry ‏@js_edit

Hillary Clinton's talking about how to make American great again... but, like, with details instead of just yelling the words.
Hemant Mehta

On this point, I strongly agree with Hillary. Donald's "I alone can fix it" inflated sense of self is obnoxious and unacceptable.
Jake Loesch

Rachel Maddow notes that Chelsea and Ivanka are friends in real life — as are their husbands. It's almost like there's a ruling class in this country.
Liliana Segura

Obama: So confident, he can admit getting things wrong.
Trump: No apologies ever; just say the opposite thing and hope no one notices.
Hemant Mehta

The President of the United States is literally making the case for democracy over authoritarianism. In 2016.
Christopher Hayes

Kaine isn't your friendly neighbor. Biden isn't your crazy uncle. Pretending these people are friends and family is dangerous and unnecessary.
Saladin Ahmed

if they hacked tim kaine's email it would just be him earnestly responding to do not reply emails
poke mongo ‏@andymoney69

Tim Kaine is lab designed to appeal to these voters. Spanish speaking former civil rights lawyer with a son in the Marines.
Jamelle Bouie

Tim Kaine's eyebrows are each perfect little creatures that I want to nurture and raise to adulthood.
Joanna Rothkopf

Biden has real authentic folksy charm and genuinely understands and cares about working people. He’s also handsy as hell around women, fucked up the Anita Hill hearings, and wrote the ’90s crime bill.
Bryce Covert

If a democratic socialist can get this close to the presidency, it shows how much power we have.
Nikhil Goyal

Senator Warren is just casually talking about the broken promise of white supremacy at the DNC. Remarkable how much this language has trickled into mainstream political discourse over past decade or so and that a similarly situated black elected official STILL prolly could not invoke it.
Gene Demby

It's remarkable how much more the Democratic convention has leaned into "America is good," while the GOP one said America is screwed.
Justin Green
As a subset of the DNC, there was the response to Michelle Obama’s statement of the obvious fact that the White House was built by slaves:
People wondering how Trump happens should start here. Bill O'Reilly is a Twitter egg with a nightly cable news show.
Jim Messina ‏@Messina2012

People rationalizing slavery in 2016 gives you a small glimpse into how an entire society was able to justify owning humans as property.
Adam Servianski

gun control
OSHA regulatoin
shrillary tintin ‏@theshrillest

Amazing how many people think “White House was built by slaves" was either over the top or just a metaphor. No, really, it was built by slaves.
Paul Krugman

Every First Lady in U.S. history has slept in a White House built by slaves. Michelle Obama is the only one who has ever acknowledged it.
Eugene Kane
And another subset on Trump’s unthinkable comments about Khizr Khan’s appearance at the DNC. Khan, whose Army Captain son died in Iraq, had reproofed Trump by saying “Have you even read the Constitution?” Trump questioned Khan’s right to say that and attempted to prove that he also has sacrificed for the country:
This is a real-time nervous collapse by a man who wants to be America's leader but cannot bear it that one grieving parent criticized him.
Mark Harris

He once made it through an entire thirty seconds without talking about himself. #TrumpSacrifices
Josh Charles

Becoming the first "anchor husband." #TrumpSacrifices
maria lia calvo

It is so pathetic that @SpeakerRyan thinks he can cleanse his Trump support by periodically criticizing Trump's worst comments. On some level, I feel for Paul Ryan. Most would fail the moral test he has been faced with. But he's supposed to be better than most. I fear I would behave as cravenly as @SpeakerRyan if I had his job. Principle in the face of negative incentives is hard. But leadership is about doing right even when it is hard. A great country needs leaders with resolve, who do things most of us wouldn't.
Josh Barro
And as a wrap-up to both conventions, this from Chris Steller:
This newspaper box is still stuck on last week:

... and today's Star Tribune front page reads like a reply to one with the Trump quote:
Of course, there’s the election generally, with hacking Russians, still no tax returns, and general mind-blowing fear:
These Russian hacking attacks are a great argument against paperless ballots for voting.
Steven Huser

Every time I see this pic I wonder how any human being can support Trump:

SportsGirl101 ‏@Arianna8927

This race must be familiar for many women: she’s overqualified for the promotion, he’s unqualified, and yet it’s still a contest.
(((Touré))) ‏@Toure

Unsettling idea: All those years we thought conservatives were dog-whistling to white-nationalists, maybe they were keeping them locked up.
Noah Smith ‏@Noahpinion

The word “undecided” translates as ‘I don’t have the guts to admit I’m voting for Trump."
Helaine Olen

Elites have been painfully slow to realize just how thoroughly the era of inequality and Great Recession discredited market orthodoxy.
Christopher Hayes

If you don't releases your tax returns, it's not likely you should be trusted with nuclear launch codes.
Jon Foley ‏@GlobalEcoGuy

2008 GOP: I can see Russia from my house.
heidi heilig

Serious question: do decent, law-loving people have a limit in America, beyond which everyone bands together to protect the republic? They say the Chinese have tolerated authoritarianism because they're happy with their jobs, families, tech. We think we're different, right? Freedom is often inherited. In some eras, it has to be earned.
Anand Giridharadas

Nothing more pure Trump than saying he's religious because "he won the evangelicals." The man appears, at least, so clearly ignorant of faith he is incapable of even knowing how one would go about faking it.
Christopher Hayes

Imagine being a person who looks at Turkey and Nice and Dallas and Orlando and policing and thinks "We need Donald Trump to fix this.“
Adam Weinstein

Trump will probably lose but kinda scary to realize that most white people will vote for him.
Matthew Yglesias

I get a lot of tweets telling me celebrities should shut up and be opinion-less. From people voting for a celebrity.
dax shepard

Every German friend I have is terrified for us. Do me a favor and think about that for a whole ten seconds before returning to your feed.
Anand Giridharadas

Are we really letting butt-hurt white guys run this election? Really? Men chide women for our feelings, but MEN'S hurt feelings have run this country like a petty dictator for too long.
lyz lenz

Surely one can think the hacking is disturbing and what it turned up is disturbing, like if you rob someone and find a body in their cellar.
Elizabeth Bruenig

CNN poll: Clinton *leads* by 4% with college-educated whites (a group Democrats have *never* won) but still trails overall because Trump is +37% with non-college whites. [This tweet was from a few days after the RNC).
Steve Kornacki

Trump warned of riots if he were denied the nomination. What happens if he loses in November and, befitting his narcissism, says it was stolen? This is not the person to ask the country to come together after losing an election. Even *defeating* Trump fairly could wreck democracy.
jelani cobb

Some conservatives backing Clinton doesn’t mean she's conservative. It means opposition to Trump is an enterprise common to decent people.
Eric Rauchway

Frankly, if Putin can actually achieve final victory over the United States by recruiting a real estate guy from TV, he deserves the win.
Emmett Rensin

I don't expect perfection from anyone. I just expect you not to help a bigoted monster become president of the United States.

I was worried that Tim Kaine was too boring and then I remembered entertainment is what got us into this mess.
Louis Virtel

I'm not really sure people realize that Democrats haven't won a majority of white voters in a presidential election since 1964.
Jamelle Bouie

There are no serious policy debates in this election. It's basically about whether or not to choose a Berlusconi-style demagogue. Sad.
Joseph Nathan Cohen

Trump is the voice of people who hear 'hard-working' as a synonym for 'white.' He is the voice of people who think black lives matter less. He speaks for millions. But I can remind other white people, as an insider, that the amount of white rage available for political use in America remains enormous. The liberal cause has been saved by African-Americans, who are populous and disciplined and consistent enough voters to overcome white rage. Trump can win, if he can whip up white rage unchallenged, if enough women vote for him, and if Red states suppress black and Hispanic votes. Trump can win, if he concentrates on white fear. That’s how you get white evangelicals to pick a libertine agnostic over a liberal Christian. Talk with pro-Trump relatives, because they won't listen to people who aren't white. (Statistically, they won't know any they care about.) Trump has promised 40% of the country what they've always wanted: a racist welfare state. If he persuades 1 additional voter in 10, he wins.
Clay Shirky

Beginning to think Trump won't release his tax returns because Putin claims him as a dependent.

Disclaimer: I'm not on Facebook precisely because I don't need further confirmation that White folk I went to high school with are bigots. Not a coincidence that a gathering of White people (on Facebook or otherwise) has far more Trump supporters in it than a gathering of anyone else. The mistake is in extrapolating that subset of the population to the rest of the country, particularly at a time when America is browning.
Propane Jane

Neither party has education policy right. Let’s get rid of Common Core AND privatization, and fight for arts, sports, respecting teachers.
Zephyr Teachout

"Hillary Clinton is too careless with her email to be president!" yells a guy who just downloaded an attachment from an unknown sender.
Bilal Dardai ‏@bilald

Donald Trump can't be trusted with a Twitter account, but I'm sure he'll be fine with the nuclear launch codes and stuff.
Rex Huppke

To whatever extent the U.S. has "greatness" it's because we have always welcomed the world. Trump fears a world beyond his towers.
Stanley Cohen

Over 30 million Americans still have no health insurance and the media and politicians are consumed with who met whom on an airport tarmac.
Michael Moore

“I’m voting my conscience” tends to be the battle cry of people who mostly only have their conscience on the line.
Alan Kestrel

Imagine if Trump had not just Twitter to go after critics and opponents, but also the IRS — or our military. Do you think he’d be restrained?
Hillary Clinton

Dow at record high. Unemployment rate under 5%. Last jobs report "booming." How can we fix this? Let's elect a guy who goes bankrupt a lot.
Mark Harris
There was lots of talk about sustainable cities, increasing urban density, and building a future without cars:
Cars carry only 16% of the travellers on King St, but they occupy 64% of the space. Picture by @RandyRisling:

jennifer keesmaat

Any system that can be jammed for hours by one person is not a good system. #autosprawl.
Free Public Transit

Minnesota has a AAA bond rating again. They should use to it to invest in transit!
William Lindeke

Cities that plan for cars are future losers. In 2014, just 25 % of 16-year-olds had a license, a 47% decrease from 1983 at 46.2 %.
jennifer keesmaat

Global warming now costing real money, but free transit is "too expensive.”
Free Public Transit

A tsunami of people want to live like suburban Americans. This cannot be stopped. It can be diverted. Provide car-free cities.
Free Public Transit

U.S. has no peer in traffic death:

Strong Towns

Children live through their senses. Cities, to be livable, must be designed for outdoor play.
jennifer keesmaat

To create an active city, density isn't enough. The right mix of uses enables walking, cycling, transit.
jennifer keesmaat

You own a car, not our streets. Streets for people build better places, and health too.
Chris Hamilton

'The more kids in the streets, the more kids will be in the streets. When kids are permitted to own their time and play, they will.'
jennifer keesmaat

Relationship btw vehicle weight + the amount of “damage” or wear that is caused to the roadway. Bikes = low impact:

jennifer keesmaat

City streets are designed with no margin for human error. The technical term for this in other disciplines is really bad design.

Seriously. You know what people do with free downtown parking? Sit in idling cars and surf their phones, and kill patios.
Karen Quinn Fung

A pregnant woman carrying a purse and bouquet of flowers while pedaling along in flip flops? No biggie. #Amsterdam:

Chris Bruntlett ‏@modacitylife
And also tweets about climate change and possible solutions:
I think climate change is key to understanding a big part of the rot in the conservative movement and GOP. At one level resistance to climate science is perfectly natural for the right. They've seen (wrong) apocalyptic predictions before; they suspect the science is a stalking horse for more state involvement, *and* it's a movement/party hugely backed by fossil fuels. So I get the instincts. But almost the entirety of the movement/GOP are three decades into clinging to a preposterous conspiracy theory. The theory that climate change is hoax requires such breathtaking epistemic nihilism at this point, any movement that adheres to it is collectively declaring: we literally have no standards of evidence. Hence the Alex Jonesification of the GOP.
Christopher Hayes

For the first time on record, every square inch of U.S. forecast is for above normal temps next three months. Other than that, all okay.
Bill McKibben

A common mistake in discussing greenhouse gas emissions: electricity is responsible for ~15% of the total globally. A piece of the puzzle. We need emissions reductions from deforestation, agriculture, transportation, electricity, heating, industrial processes, cement, etc. No one technology is going to make all the difference. A suite of approaches, working in tandem, is needed.
Jon Foley ‏@GlobalEcoGuy

Did you know...1 gallon of gasoline releases ~20 pounds of CO2 when burned? And much of that CO2 stays in the climate system for more than 100 years.
Jon Foley ‏@GlobalEcoGuy

Pumped to see the Democrats commit to generating 50% clean energy in next 10 years & 100% clean energy by 2050! Your move, GOP. #platform
Tom Steyer

Agricultural technologies that make farms more efficient with nutrients and water -- precision agriculture and drip irrigation -- make sense to me. But putting "farms" indoors with artificial lighting, which needs electrical power, is insane. The sun works fine. We don't need to fix that. The costs for infrastructure, energy, and materials just doesn't make sense. Grow food outdoors, folks. And don't worry about food miles so much. Food shipping uses very little energy, actually. The most efficient food system uses what nature already provides, and tries to mimic natural cycles of water and nutrients. Plus, agriculture is *vast*, covering about 60x more land than all the cities and suburbs on Earth. Leave it there; just make it efficient. If we could stop pretending that glorified apps, LEDs, and a few indoor plants are going to "feed the world,” we have some real work to do.
Jon Foley ‏@GlobalEcoGuy
And finally (finally!), the best of the rest:
We haven't learned a single thing. Policymakers prescribe "grit" and character training not wealth redistribution or federal jobs program.
Nikhil Goyal

Turkish police trying to stop a pride parade with water cannons accidentally created rainbows:

Weird History

The fact that we use the phrase "free play" gives credence to the kind of thing that school too often calls play but is not.
Steven Delpome ‏@NA_Dellsey

A good rule of thumb in organizations is wherever there is bad behavior there is a bad system. That is, people are rarely the problem.
Hermanni Hyytiälä ‏@hemppah

There's nothing like bike commuting to make you realize how many people are more concerned with their phones than with not killing you.

Iran! World's fastest drop of children/woman = Available contraceptives and sex-education!

Ola Rosling

Good call, City Planning Commission: street name changed to avoid intersection of "Aasen" and "Hoel."
Carolyn Porter ‏@porterfolio

I wish we expressed the same enthusiasm/passion for local politics--board of education, mayors, state reps, etc.--as we do presidential campaigns.
Vernon Mitchell, Jr. ‏@vcmitchelljr

Gun violence costs America $229 billion a year — more than $700 for every man, woman and child.
Mother Jones

A hundred million citizens stockpiling weapons in fear of their government is not a democracy. It's a standoff.
jelani cobb

What was actually romantic about pre-Civil War Southern plantations? Do we romanticize other sites of horror and atrocity in the same way?
Ebony Elizabeth

John Hinkley's release brings up a painful memory for the GOP - a time when a horrific shooting actually resulted in legislation.
Frank Conniff

Amazing what urban renewal did to Plymouth Ave in north Mpls. Here's Plymouth and Oliver (near Penn), 1968 and today:

Eric Roper

Response to data mania in education: “Measurable outcomes may be the least significant results of learning” -Prof. Linda McNeil
Alfie Kohn

Nothing says “Make America Great Again” like waving the flag of the traitors who tried to destroy it:

Matt O'Brien ‏@ObsoleteDogma

"Reading a book is like re-writing it yourself — you bring your history and you read it on your own terms.”
Rosemary Sutcliff

If you are frustrated with national discourse right now, ask how much time your high school spends on the history of protests in the U.S.?
Ira Socol

The blue-ringed octopus has a venom 10,000 times more potent than cyanide (Photo: Laurence Murphy):

Strange Animals

George Washington moved slaves in and out of Philadelphia on rotation so that they would not become free people.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

If I could wave a magic wand and erase just *one* recent SCOTUS decision, it wouldn't be Citizens United. I'd undo gutting of the Voting Rights Act.
Eric Kleefeld

When you talk about a problem you are heard as introducing a problem.
feministkilljoy ‏@SaraNAhmed

In the U.S., "housing accomplished in the North everything that Jim Crow accomplished in the South." —Nicole Hannah-Jones on PBS’s Black America
Henry Louis Gates Jr

I believe in independent businesses, local food, American manufacturing, and people having power over their own lives!
Zephyr Teachout

New study: "Highly unionized school districts actually fire more bad teachers" and have lower student dropout rates.
Alfie Kohn

Ryan Dow doesn't understand true Libertarianism:

Ryan Dow

If the statement, "being well-educated is preferable to being poorly educated" is seen as elitist or contentious, democracy is fucked.
Tim Minchin

17 years ago, I got into Vassar. I didn't go. I was a Pell Grant kid and the amount of financial aid offered was comically useless. Seven years ago, Vassar started giving kids like I was more aid. They're one of the top Pell Grant private schools in the nation. I'm not poor anymore. I owe that to a school that was cheap enough I could use my Pell money for unpaid intern summers. My school is no longer that cheap. But it does have really fancy new dorms. FML. Or, rather, F the lives of kids that come up now.
Maggie Koerth-Baker

Peace is the new thing. Not war. War has been around forever.
Ola Rosling

Prison gerrymandering that produces severe distortions in population equality violates the Constitution.
Demos ‏@Demos_Org

Awful things have always happened every day somewhere or other but now we're in a collective panic disorder triggered by breaking news.
Matt Haig

Want to Make America Great Again? Then go to a museum. Seriously.
Jon Foley @ GlobalEcoGuy

Jelani Cobb tweeted, “Abe in Japan, Erdogan in Turkey, Brexit, Trump -- it's like the world all of a sudden rediscovered nationalism. And Jonathan Metzl responded, “Unconscious reaction to global warming, pending fight for resources?”

"Crime" is less of a character flaw than it is a political consequence. Treating communities with dignity is harder...but more effective. Most importantly, compliance with the law begins with trust in it--not fear of it. And that, friends, is not just justice. It's science.
Phillip Atiba Goff

In real life, your MORE SPEECH argument looks like the comments section on any mainstream news site — which is to say a *pigsty.* Spaces like Reddit are actively hostile to people who aren't white dudes, but at least the have their abstract principles, right?
Gene Demby

Fun Fact: You are three times more likely to be hit by a car than a bullet in the city of Saint Paul.
William Lindeke ‏@BillLindeke

2/3 of calories produced in U.S. are used to feed animals!

Brynn ‏@brynnwmc

Fellow white men: We've had a good run. I'm as sorry as anyone it's ended this way. But let's all lie down for a while. Sit a few plays out.
Mike Ingram

Saying “educational choice” in America is like saying “humans like water.” Who doesn't want choice. But what about educational justice?
Andre Perry ‏@andreperryedu

Not infrequently, my Pacific Standard checks arrive before the article has even been published. They're such a pleasure to write for.
Laura Turner ‏@lkoturner

REALITY CHECK: 65% of kids under 6 have both parents in the workforce. They need high-quality affordable child care and early education.
Amy Traub

What if the real problem is with "regular" schools?

Bruce L. Smith ‏@numbalum89

Cannot imagine the kind of hate celebs get. Amplify that *exponentially* for celebs from minoritized groups, especially Black women. To be hated just for existing and breathing. It's just... the mandate to stay strong in the face of overwhelming evil. From birth ’til death. And then there is such pressure for Black celebs to stay silent on racial matters so they don't "hurt their brand..."
Ebony Elizabeth

Remember to exercise your demons.
Pat Thompson ‏@pattho

Christopher Mims tweeted: “Productivity tip: go on vacation, it will restore your zest for life.” Anand Giridharadas responded, “Actually, if you go long enough, it may restore a worldview in which productivity isn't necessary to justify things.”

Increasingly sure "I'm just playing devil's advocate" is a euphemism for "I mean what I'm saying but don't want you to think I'm racist.”
Becky Zosia Dernbach ‏@bzosiad

What we need: Hope, vision, and real leadership.
What we get from politics and media: Fear, hate, and bullying.
Jon Foley ‏@GlobalEcoGuy

The forgiveness-compulsory denunciation dialectic as it relates to Black people is worth interrogation.
Say You Are Sorry.
Say You Forgive.
(Both are about a relation of domination.)
People who feel they *own* you, that you are property, feel at ease demanding particular responses from you. They are responses they themselves don't feel compelled to perform or offer.
AnotherWorldPossible ‏@prisonculture

Social media has the unfortunate side effect of bringing the entire world’s problems into proximity, making them seem like one giant crisis.
Murtaza Hussain

I think it would be ok to *not* put uninformed people on live tv to do stream of consciousness about the causes/consequences/feelings as news breaks.
Jenée ‏@jdesmondharris

The preferred code language for whites is to talk about "safety." Assumption: white kids are not safe when they're the minority in school. I spent a lot of time reporting in one school. Great school, but very few white kids. When I asked white parents about it, some wanted to send their kids to the school, but only if a group of other white parents went in with them.

I'm not debating my humanity with people who don't believe I'm a full human and citizen. Not doing it. You shouldn't either. Making moral or intellectual appeals to those who don't believe in the full humanity of black people is a waste of time and energy.
Asia Leeds

It's baffling to me that people think colonialism and slavery existed in some sort of vacuum that had no repercussions for future generations.
open ur cloth ‏@ddaappoo

On revising a poem: "I remove one-third of the adjectives and one-quarter of the self pity." - Sharon Olds
alexandra marvar ‏@cannoneyes

This Tweet made so little sense that I blocked the sender without comment. But far too many people believe a version of this...

Then there's the odd notion that asking for anything, even our own human bodies & human lives, is Asking For Things, Whining & Complaining. The person who wrote that trolling Tweet wasn't ready to hear any of that. So I blocked without comment, and dissected its assumptions. That person's trolling demonstrates that they can't handle some basic truths. But I'm sure there's someone lurking on my timeline who might. Doing more thinking about why "smart Black kids are loathed by Black people" myths are so dehumanizing. They play into the beast stereotype. Women, children and those of us who were not White were thus positioned as people who could not reason as well as White men.
Ebony Elizabeth

It's undemocratic to count temporary prisoners as permanent residents of their prison when drawing electoral maps.
Demos ‏@Demos_Org

I REPEAT: If you're convinced you need to kill for your god, start with yourself and I'll give further instructions in person. #NiceAttack

The college lecture format is fine. The problem was that some people were just bad lecturers. Rather than following the latest fads in educational delivery, professors could focus on becoming better presenters and more articulate. The best professors I have ever had the privilege of seeing used chalk, a blackboard, and an organized, articulate mind. No edu-fads needed. That doesn't mean it works for every student. But excellent teaching works, no matter the technique, when professors are articulate & clear.
Jon Foley ‏@GlobalEcoGuy

No, cashier,
I did not "find everything I am looking for."
But I suspect you did not mean it as an existential question.
I absolve you.
Werner Twertzog

A "public" school teeming with police officers, white savior gentrifiers from nonprofit industrial complex, and test prep isn't "public" at all.
Arash Daneshzadeh

I'm joking, but kinda not. What if when people toured a city, they had an app to see all the ways racial inequity is created?
Ida Bae Wells ‏@nhannahjones

Shrapnel was invented by an Englishman of the same name. Don't you wish you could have something named after you?
Kurt Vonnegut

Respectability politics was developed at a time when we had more places to take off the mask -- within Black communities.
Ebony Elizabeth

Very telling that David Brooks thinks Jonah Lehrer's new book is quality. Brooks is the king of repackaging social science in facile bromides.
John Warner ‏@biblioracle

The freedom to disagree with your government is perhaps the MOST fundamental freedom.
Rainbow Rowell

Stacey Wilson Hunt @GalinHollywood asked W. Kamau Bell, “If you could wave a magic wand and fix all the chaos swirling around us right now, what's the first thing you would do?” He responded: “Put holes in the bottom of the Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria.”

3 out of 5 people in jail haven't been convicted of a crime and are simply too poor to post bail for release while their case is being processed. The average length of stay in jails has increased over the past 30 years from 14 to 23 days, increasing the risk of losing your job, home, and kids. 75 percent of pretrial detainees are jailed for nonviolent offenses. Traffic stops, property offenses, and other examples of broken windows policing.
Clint Smith

If "violence" is your answer then it was a very stupid question.
Big Indian Gyasi

Instead of every food producer creating their own packaging, we should have one or two dozen shapes/sizes of reusable containers.
Buffaloman ‏@reubencollins

one reason so many evils seem permanent in American public policy is that our political class actively ignores inequalities in power

We are living "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas," only the starving child in the closet has a Twitter account everyone must follow.
Pat Thompson ‏@pattho

What is happening is not "racial disparities,” it is “racial discrimination.” The term “disparity" minimizes these egregious acts.
Carl Hart

The combined dumbing down and hating up of America is hurting us all. Please: More books, fewer guns. More thought, less hate.
Jon Foley ‏@GlobalEcoGuy

We have to do better than all this "the world is coming to an end." The world is not coming to an end. The world is changing.
roxane gay

Don't blame the northern working class. 59% of Leave voters were middle class and came from the south of England.
Billy Bragg

If the promise of liberty and justice does not apply to all, why should the oppressed invest in a project that does not include them?
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

Happy 68th birthday to the National Health Service - Labour’s proudest creation and the first ever 'free at the point of use' health service.
Jeremy Corbyn MP

American history makes insecure white people uncomfortable.
(((Hank))) ‏@hankhank30

[On July 4] if u celebrate political independence today, cool, but let's also work toward economic and racial liberation and access for all.
Big Indian Gyasi

Elie Wiesel: "No human race is superior; no religious faith is inferior. All collective judgments are wrong. Only racists make them."
Michiko Kakutani

- Don't get in strangers' cars
- Don't meet people from internet
- Literally summon strangers from internet to get in their car
Carol Nichols ‏@Carols10cents

"Nothing changes without individuals and nothing lasts without institutions." - Sally Osberg at the Aspen Ideas Festival
Sasha Dichter

Random fact of the day: the incarceration rate for white people in the U.S. (which is 1/6th rate for of black people), is still 2.5 times the rate in France. If white America were its own country, it would still have the 17th highest incarceration rate in the world and highest in the OECD.
Christopher Hayes

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