Friday, January 1, 2016

Twitter at the End of 2015

Another year is gone. It amazes me how much stuff happens in just 31 days, even when the end of the month is mostly people being distracted by holidays (which is a welcome break from the usual constant welter of news).

For New Year’s:

Tell someone you love how much you love them. Plant a flag in your heart on this day so you can look back and see how far you've come.
Lin-Manuel Miranda

In 2016 let’s raise more hell, share more hope, replace pipelines with solar farms & geothermal, give schools funds, stop TPP, build the future.
Zephyr Teachout
For Christmas and other holidays:

Saladin Ahmed

I don't think you should use food as a crutch, unless you're an injured elf with a tiny, adorable, gingerbread crutch.
Julieanne Smolinski
Just left a large auditorium packed to the gills with Black families for Kwanzaa service. Someone forgot to tell them 'no one' celebrates it. Every holiday is made up. I'll take one dedicated to community over one dedicated to conquerors any day of the week.
Saladin Ahmed

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is a great way to teach kids that difference is only acceptable when sanctioned by power.
Gabriel Roth

I love commercial American Christmas, and as a Muslim I think Jesus's prophetic story is beautiful and worth sharing. Just don't be a dick.
Saladin Ahmed

You know what Christmas lyric cracks me up? "Say your prayers, 'cause Santa Claus comes tonight." Makes him sound like an axe murderer.
Saladin Ahmed
On police abuse and particularly the recent decision in Cleveland to not prosecute the cop who killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice:
A lot of people seem to think cops mistreating black people with impunity is a 2015 trend. It’s just the year you found out about it.
Matthew Yglesias

“Everyone would have been better off had the cops never shown up." This is how policing loses democratic legitimacy.
Ta-Nehisi Coates

In 2015, the second safest year for cops in modern history, the NY Post used phrase "war on cops" over 80 times.
Radley Balko

Statistically, it's more dangerous to be a regular black male civilian than a cop. [Citing Jelani Cobb in the New Yorker]
Nicholas Thompson

Historically speaking, policing has roots in two things; slave catching and union-busting Pinkertons.

I've known excellent humans who were cops. And excellent humans who were soldiers. But individual decency can't fix a system built for evil.
Saladin Ahmed

White man strolls thru a black area in Ohio with a rifle. Black resident calls cops. Cops question resident.
Bree Newsome

Cities have decided it better serves their interests to pay millions in police brutality civil suits than to actually end police brutality
Bree Newsome

White supremacy is the only logic via which it makes sense for a grown cop in an open carry state to feel threatened by a kid w/ a toy gun.
Saladin Ahmed

Our most beloved Christmas movie is about a white boy and his toy gun in Cleveland, Ohio. Spoiler: the police didn't murder him.
Sarah Kendzior

Interesting that the NRA hasn't said jackshit about #TamirRice's right to carry an air/BB gun in an open-carry state. Quiet as church mice.
Adam Hudson

White conservative extremists pointed real guns at cops on Bundy's ranch. They were hailed as heroes. All alive. #TamirRice
Smooth Kobra

Not being able to send your kids to public parks because there’s a chance they’ll be killed at random is precisely what terrorism looks like
Greg Howard

The fact that killer cops lie about their actions proves that they actually know what "reasonable force" looks like.

Black people call police, end up killed, beaten, or jailed. Then pundits ask why they don't work with the police to clean up their community
Jamie Kilstein

American police were organized to chase after runaway slaves, and bring them back dead or alive. Pretty much, what they still do today.
Kwame Rose
On cities — and a world — built for the reality of climate change, including the Paris climate agreement:
If you remove just 1% of the commuters from the road during rush hour traffic, congestion is reduced by 18%.
jennifer keesmaat

Older-designed cities are much safer than post-war cities:

William Lindeke

“The crucial component that’s missing is that we’re not implementing any policies that disincentivize driving.”
Ken Avidor

To fight the war on cars, we need a powerful weapon. The free bus.
Free Public Transit

Cities generate 80% of the world’s GDP, produce 70% of the world’s GHG emissions, and house more than 50% of the world’s population. #COP21
jennifer keesmaat

Fossil fuel energy buys convenience for you at the expense of suffering for someone else. Renewable energy doesn’t. Fundamental difference.
David Roberts

The Truth About Irresponsible Bicyclists.

Ken Avidor

Density is not our problem or our solution. Insolvency is our problem. Productive places are the solution.
Strong Towns

"Biking and walking and transit can play well together if you don't make them fight over the scraps of the road network."
jennifer keesmaat

"Automakers spent a lot of time convincing us that we had a love affair with the automobile. But really, it was an arranged marriage."
jennifer keesmaat

Amsterdam today, versus in the 1970's. Pulling out asphalt pays dividends:

jennifer keesmaat

Wherever there is a bus stop, pedestrians need to cross the street.
Ben Somogyi

The Paris accord really casts the utter nihilism of the U.S. Republican Party in sharp relief. Multilateralism is possible. Cooperation is possible. Foreign policy does not have to be dominated by fear & violence.
David Roberts

Leaders adopt 1.5°C goal — and we’re damn well going to hold them to it. Every pipeline, every mine: 'You said 1.5!'
Bill McKibben

This agreement won't save the planet. It may have saved the chance to save the planet (if we all fight like hell in the years ahead).
Bill McKibben

If Exxon had told the truth, we wouldn't be @COP21 [in Paris]. We could have stopped negotiating at COP2 and gotten to work.
Bill McKibben

We act like renters, not owners of this Earth.
Bill Nye
On education and schools:
Our schools seem to expect parents to be a specific type of white woman.
The Conversation

Obama's kids school: Sidwell Friends
Duncan's kids: University of Chicago Lab
King's [new secretary of education] kids: Montessori
Three progressive schools that reject corporate reform.
We have politicians who champion testing, drill-kill methods, authoritarian classrooms, yet would never send their kids to such a school. Progressive, child-centered education is the most effective and humane form of education. Of course the rich, powerful send their kids there.
Nikhil Goyal

Children aren't meant to be molded like sculptures; they're meant to be nurtured like flowers so they can grow & bloom.
Rachel Singer

Democrats and Republicans are always in agreement when it comes to destroying public education and supporting standardized testing.
Nikhil Goyal
On racism:
The referent of "this" in "this is why we can't have nice things, America" in 90% cases = racism, aka the "undeserving poor." Gun control, universal health care, sick leave, maternity leave, universal daycare, good public transit…a long, sad list (USA! USA!).
Cassie Creswell

Past 200+ yrs of how blacks have been treated doesn't qualify as a race war but blacks protesting that treatment is.
Smooth Kobra

What were once slave catchers & chattel slavery evolved into militarized police & mass incarceration. There has been no fundamental change.
Bree Newsome

A community where property is valued more than humans, with ZERO control over its Economics-Education-Environment-Enforcement is a PLANTATION.
Chuck D

To recap, likelihood of receiving interview:
White without a criminal record: 34%
Black without a criminal record: 14%
White with a criminal record: 17%
Black with a criminal record: 5%
Clint Smith

Murakawa: "Race conservatives are those who don’t believe that racism is real, but that race is.”

The reason you can't be simultaneously pro-white and anti-racist is because racism is founded on white supremacy. Being pro-white means being proud of the construct of whiteness, and what that means in the grand scheme of racial hierarchies. The reason white pride is not analogous to black pride is because the former props up white supremacy while the latter stands in opposition.
Elle Lang Syne

Race in America: Did you know that 40% of all black men in Virginia are prohibited BY LAW from voting because they have a "record"? 40%!!
Michael Moore

I wish people worried about the threat of political correctness to freedom of speech also worried about the silencing mechanisms of racism.
Nelson Flores

Next time someone tells you we've come a long way & race relations are great these days just show them this from 2015:

Aminatou Sow

Black folks go to college & it has EVERYTHING to do with race. Black folks get shot by the police & NOTHING has to do with race. #StayMadAbby [referring to the University of Texas affirmative action case before the Supreme Court]
Indigo ‏@miesh_b

"In the days after the massacre of the Charleston 9, mainstream media was all about Black forgiveness. After San Bernadino, it’s revenge."
Merry Magdalene

White privilege is being able to say #WhitesAgainstTrump without having your life threatened. Imagine the reaction to #MuslimsAgainstTrump.

[I get many] messages from current and former students upset by my colleagues who constantly retweet articles on free speech and race on campus. Sends a signal when these colleagues have never stood up for diversity on campus--have never spoken to Black students about their fears. I encourage colleagues who only see campus protests as "coddling" or free speech denial to speak with students. Don't just read about them.
Phillip Atiba Goff

Happy "republicans pretending they wouldn't have arrested activist rosa parks" day.
Jamie Kilstein

Don't say "Why does everything have to be about gender/race?" when you mean "Why does ANYTHING have to be about gender/race?"
Mark Harris
On the never-ending election and Donald Trump, including his call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. after the San Bernardino shootings:
Dear DonaldTrump,
I'm at a Muslim wedding in a Christian church in NYC, and everyone is dancing to salsa.
America already is great.
Anand Giridharadas

Mary gave birth to Jesus in a manger: "It's too disgusting, I don't want to talk about it!" - Trump.
Frank Conniff

Choosing which GOP candidate to vote for is like shopping for a lobotomy doctor
William Lindeke

Lol holy shit If Obama praised Putin like Trump just did the military would storm the white house and remove him.
Jamie Kilstein

Haven’t seen anyone make the point (perhaps it’s too obvious) that the overwhelming message of last night’s [GOP] debate was FEAR. Be afraid. This is the GOP’s central message today: Be afraid. Be so afraid that you allow military adventures & greater domestic police powers. Be so afraid that you turn to a tough-talking daddy figure to "keep you safe." This is no time for thinking. Fear harder.
David Roberts

I wish CNN had specified which country the #GOPDebate candidates were running for President of, because it sure as hell wasn't America.
Frank Conniff

"Nothing works in this country" Donald Trump tells an audience of well-fed people in large homes watching on high-definition televisions.
Binyamin Appelbaum

Allocate debate time based on actual statistics regarding causes of death in U.S. Questions would all be about healthcare, guns, and transit.
Saladin Ahmed

To hold a debate devoted to what Blitzer calls “world threats” and avoid climate change is by definition a pro-GOP bias.
Frank Rich

For a party who hates government, they sure do seem to have great faith in its ability to keep people safe.
David Roberts

Trump is so, so fragile. He can’t keep his cool in the face of even the mildest questioning. Imagine him in the Oval Office.
David Roberts

The GOP’s worship of Putin, a flamboyantly macho tough guy who keeps driving his country into ditches, just says everything.
David Roberts

I really wish these lunatic Republicans would drop out of the race so I could start getting disappointed by the Democrats.
Jamie Kilstein

Great summary of why GOP’s in trouble: 50 years of appealing messages to woo disaffected working class voters and no programs to help them.
Charlie Quimby

A part of Donald Trump's rise is due to the left's failure to recognize plight of white working class and organize with them against racism.
Nikhil Goyal

Even if Trump loses, in other words, the damage is done. Open racism is normalized as "honest straight talk." It gets you more popular.
Iyad El-Baghdadi

Same people who say they'd go back in time and kill baby Hitler want to elect baby Hitler.
Saladin Ahmed

You see how one terrorist shooting can radicalize Americans like Trump, but you can't see how 10,000+ US bombs might radicalize Muslims?
CJ Werleman

How to stop war: tell Republicans the Middle East is filled with grown up fetuses.
Jamie Kilstein
On guns and mass shootings:
If you’re looking for the ideology that leads to the most violence, I think you have to finger toxic, macho, patriarchal masculinity. Toxic masculinity is the common thread of violence across religions and cultures, through history.
David Roberts

This idea that liberals are insincere about wanting to reduce gun violence and secretly want to take guns is weird.
Jamelle Bouie

oh my god someone's shooting random people in the street help help
they're Muslim
Saladin Ahmed

Determining who is a "good guy with a gun" is most especially problematic in a country that's still dishonest about "good guys" of the past.
Ryan Dalton

If we crush ISIS we can ensure that near-daily horrific mass shootings are committed only by white Americans.
Saladin Ahmed

We Americans make up about 4% of the world's population yet we own roughly 42% of all the world's privately held firearms.
Michael Moore

This is in essence the GOP argument: Mass shootings are normal. "Stuff happens." The only real problem is if the shooter is a Muslim.
Saladin Ahmed

Right to speech.
Right to assembly.
Right against self-incrimination.
Right to face accusers.
Right to … own guns?
Lacks parallelism.
David Roberts

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is voting out politicians who are owned by the National Rifle Association.
Werner Twertzog

If a country in Latin America or the Middle East had shootings every week in schools & churches we'd be talking instability & failed states. At this point, when we see a US school trending on twitter, we can assume someone is there shooting people. "First world" my ass.
Saladin Ahmed
Conservative predictions about the results of gun control would be more convincing if they weren’t refuted by literally every country that’s done it.
David Roberts
And finally the rest of the best:
The adorable and fluffy Flannel Moth (photo: Patrick Coin):

Strange Animals

A movie or a book or a painting or a song can teach you things about your life that would otherwise have taken wearisome years.
Uncle Dynamite

Next shoe drops in the Exxon Knew scandal--they calculated sea level rise into their new facilities, while denying it.
Bill McKibben

The more profound and truly earth-shattering the things you learn, the less you'll ever be able to communicate or explain them to anyone.

In health/medicine "disruptive start-up" is often code for "complete crap pseudoscience.”
Maggie Koerth-Baker

What a time to be alive:


People say "back in my day, [culture/this city/society] was better" but they really mean "back in my day, I was younger and thinner."
Josh Barro

*in a tiny voice, alone in the shower*
it wasn't a good movie
Les Lim

From Reddit: Say you're Christian when you're 5, no one questions it. Say you're atheist at 17, you're "too young to know what you believe."
Hemant Mehta

I want to find the person who came up with the calendar feature that changes your appointment times based on your time zone and kill them.
Molly Hensley-Clancy

Cracker Barrel is so symbolic of the modern small-town South: corporatized, bland, unhealthy, but with an overlay of rural nostalgia.
David Roberts

Here’s a possibility: maybe there *is* no good way to govern 7 billion people. Maybe there’s no good answer. In general, when contemplating modern problems, people discount the possibility that there’s no answer - that things will just get worse.
David Roberts

Stop taking "constructive criticism" from peeps who haven't constructed ANYTHING.
Kiri Laurelle Davis

Maybe healthcare shouldn't be a commodity.
Elizabeth Bruenig

Cell phones took everything bad about talking on the phone and made it 50 times worse.
David Roberts

Once upon a time an asshole and a rat had a kid and that kid learned how to climb trees and that's where squirrels come from.
Saladin Ahmed

We assume creating "productive members of society " is a good thing. BUT our society depends on consumerism and nonrenewable resources.


Chris Steller

We live in a country that collectively thinks it's okay that kids don't eat because their parents have crappy jobs. American exceptionalism.
Linda Tirado

Can we call for a moratorium on wedding proposals designed to go viral? It’s so creepily impersonal & un-intimate.
David Roberts

Chris Steller

You think astrology is fucked up? Some parents believe the shape of a baby's genitals predicts their favorite toys, hobbies, and colors.
Dan K. Memes

Republicans think the government needs to stay out of our business! But monitor our phones, Facebook, and religion.
Jamie Kilstein

Kurt Vonnegut on the crucifix:

Paul Thomas

We’ve known lead is harmful for so long now. It is an absolute crime we still let it poison poor children. Especially gross that we let lead poison kids’ brains & then later characterize their problems as a lack of character.
David Roberts

The great thing about living in America is that we pay enough tax for universal health care but don't get it.
Matt Bruenig

The minute you start drawing distinctions about which suffering matters & which doesn’t, you expose morality as a social construct.
David Roberts

The median wage in 2014 was $28,851, and 134 people had net compensation over $50 million.
Derek Thompson

"My theory is, strong people don't need strong leaders." Rest in power, Ella Baker.
Phyllis Hildreth

This mop looks like Beaker:

Faces in Things

Far-right surge in France canceled by people actually showing up to vote. There's a lesson in this.
Matthew Yglesias

Were it not for Ta-Nehisi Coates, the nonfiction bestsellers shelf would be nothing but Christian hucksters and Fox News pseudo histories.
Eric C. Miller

Literally almost every crisis facing marginalized youth of color comes back to the issue of POVERTY.
Nikhil Goyal

Median hourly wage in France up 180% in 45 years, Japan up 140% & British up 60%. But U.S. wages flat for 45 years.
Steven Greenhouse

'Judge Scalia' sounds like the name of an evil reptilian magistrate created by George Lucas.
Saladin Ahmed

Attacking abortion clinics is explicitly ideological violence with the practical, effective aim to scare people away from providing the service. Violent attacks on abortion facilities are, in the grand scheme of American violence rare, but also a repeated phenomenon, part of a holy war.
Christopher Hayes

!! Walmart’s Imports From China Displaced 400,000 U.S. Jobs, Study Finds.
Steven Greenhouse

Amazing shot of damselflies on a plant. (Photo: Roberto Aldrovandi)

Strange Animals

Back in the day, "distracted walking" was known as "being a person."
William Lindeke

Republicans think the best use of skilled labor is trying to deceive people with bad mortgages and deceptive investments.
Dean Baker

Why shouldn't gig economy workers qualify for unemployment insurance, workers comp & minimum wage coverage?
Steven Greenhouse

What if there were no white guys in the media, anywhere?
William Lindeke

49 million Americans are food insecure. Almost half make < $15/hr. So why are we invisible?
Katie Klabusich

Academic women get called "patronizing" & "smug" because how dare we stand up & assertively say we know stuff & not "nicely" protect male egos.
Dr. Rebecca Martinez

A radical is someone who thinks the system should be ripped up by the roots. Not someone who shoots kids. Don't accept shithead definitions.
Saladin Ahmed

Posting pictures of things you disagree with filled with bullet holes is totally just about target practice and not borderline sociopathy.
Tom Tomorrow

These past few years have made one thing crystal clear: success in the private sector is not a reliable indicator of competence or smarts. The world is full of a-holes who basically lucked into a bunch of money and now consider themselves demigods.
David Roberts

The amount of people who seem to believe in magical bombs that only kill Bad People is extraordinary.
Rosa ‏@marxroadrunner

What's worse? That politicians cynically use "prayers" as a cheap reaction, or that they actually believe talking to an invisible man works?
Craig Mazin

I want to live in a society with such low inequality that Zuckerberg and other billionaires don't have that much money to give away.
Nikhil Goyal

“Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.”
Robert O. Simonson

Pickles are the best part of a sandwich.
Destiny Gartland

Just 10% of drug enforcement budget would fund HIV & Hepatitis C prevention 2 times over.
OSF Harm Reduction

They preach to me “your religion is violent” as they send me a death threat. Who is the violent one? You ask me “why do you hate America” as you send me hateful messages full of vitriol & poison. Who is the hateful one? I don't hate America. I hate injustice that takes place in America. If you "love" America, then don't let her commit injustice. Stand up.
Linda Sarsour

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