Monday, January 4, 2016

QLaser Injunction

Close to three years ago, I wrote about QLaser after seeing a large ad for it in my local paper. I noted how it it had all the hallmarks of a quack treatment, and it turned out it had been debunked on Science-Based Medicine while I wasn't looking.

This didn't keep multiple commenters (to this day) from writing in to tell me I was stupid for doubting its ability to cure all diseases. It's actually the only post on this blog where I've stopped allowing new comments, unless they ground themselves in at least some part of reality.

Well, there's news about QLaser: The Food and Drug Administration has won a permanent injunction against its promoter, Robert "Larry" Lytle, DDS.

Aside from marketing the device as a treatment for over 200 conditions when it has only been cleared for two (related to osteoarthritis of the hand), Lytle and his company have refused inspection by the FDA.

As a result of the injunction, "Lytle and his businesses must cease directly or indirectly manufacturing, packing, labeling and/or distributing any device unless and until they obtain premarket approval or clearance from the FDA and comply with other terms of the injunction."

Lytle also must allow inspection of his premises and give refunds to any purchaser who requests one:

"Depending on the specific package purchased, each consumer typically paid between $4,295 and $12,600, according to the evidence before the court," states DOJ. Lytle admitted he sold at least 20,000 devices since 1998. Lytle is ALSO required to pay the United States $10,000 per day for any violation of the permanent injunction, and is subject to other sanctions, including fines and imprisonment, for failing to comply
Quack, quack, quack. Take that, Larry Lytle.

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