Monday, January 25, 2016

More Hillary Caricatures

I wrote a little while ago about all the bad Hillary Clinton caricatures we're going to be subjected to, based on this one by Paul Combs:

Combs fancies himself an independent in the editorial cartoon world. Since his work shows up on sites like the Washington Times and NewsMax, I'll take that independence with a grain of salt.

Since then I've seen a few more:

By Dave Granlund, whose work appears to be sort of a middle-of-the-road to slightly liberal.

By Tom Stiglich, who's listed as a "liberal cartoonist" at

And this by the Star Tribune's own Pulitzer-Prize-winning Steve Sack, who I would categorize as middle-of-the-road. He occasionally offends liberals and conservatives, though the conservatives complain more.

None of these caricatures is as bad as the original one I posted, so that gives me some hope. Sack's Hillary is a bit reptilian, but that may be a legitimate choice for a caricaturist. Granlund's has the most personality, I think.

Here are a couple of other notable cartoonists' versions:

From the talented and progressive Tom Toles (he must be great, since the National Review hates him), who doesn't exactly do caricatures because he doesn't have to. Or maybe it's that his Hillary is so simplified, it doesn't seem like caricature. His Trump and Cruz (here) fit the definition more clearly.

From the clearly progressive David Horsey. I think his Bill is pretty good, but his Obama and Hillary are lacking.

From Daryl Cagle, who is hard to categorize in the usual right-left continuum. He seems like a classic editorial cartoonist who doesn't like anyone or anything. But boy, can he draw well when he wants to. His Hillary is played as aggressively unattractive, obviously.

There are lots more where these came from.

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