Monday, November 23, 2015

Endangered Stick Figures, Part 2

First it was running them down with a car, now it's devouring them with dinosaurs.

The possibilities for threatening stick figure families are bounded only by the ironic imagination.

Do these anti-stick-figure illustrations seem as mean-spirited as the "my kid can beat up your honor student" bumper stickers? I never liked those, even though I would never have put an honor student sticker on my car.

In some ways the stick figure haters are worse, because their violent endings are worse (death vs. being beaten up). But they also seem more clearly fictitious, while the threat against the honor student appears to be just a bit plausible.


Jillian said...

I think the stick figure stickers are mostly cheesy and stupid, but unique ones, whether it's of stick figure families or of stick figure families untimely demise are humorous. There however aren't many original family ones anymore, so the demise ones are just better, cause they are, at this point, still usually unique.

I think the my kid beat up your honor student stickers are funny too, and I have a child who has never not been on the honor roll, I'd never put a sticker about her grades on my car though, cause I'm not a dick. People bragging about their child's school success needed to be shown how ridiculous they were being with the honor roll stickers...

Daughter Number Three said...

I always had mixed feelings about the honor student stickers, because it was one of the few examples of trying to glorify students for their academic achievement rather than sports. But at the same time it always felt boastful and therefore uncomfortable.