Monday, November 2, 2015

Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson

I'm having a tiring, emotional day (following the death of a friend yesterday), so instead of using my own brain I'm going to share Cory Doctorow's write-up of a book I recently finished.

Kim Stanley Robinson's Aurora is a big book, and while I enjoyed it, it was nowhere near my favorite among his works. I think Doctorow is a better judge of it than I, though. His words (example: "This is a novel that turns much of sf on its ear") make me appreciate the book much more, especially its place in the distant-space-travel subgenre within science fiction.


Gina said...

I have Robinson's Mars trilogy to read in my SF pile. Have you read it? So sorry to hear you've suffered a loss of a friend.

Daughter Number Three said...

Yes, the Mars books are definitely worth reading -- I tend to skim the very science-oriented parts, but I've read them probably three times.

My friend was a woman just about exactly my age... she had a pulmonary embolism.