Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Frog Pond Farm (North)

I think I may have found a roadside attraction that's not on the Roadside America site: Frog Pond Farm, which includes this giant ant attacking the barn:

It's a gallery of the work of the Ferro family, based in Little York, New York, about 45 minutes from Syracuse.

The main attraction is the life-size and over-size animals and insects, sculpted in metal by Tino Ferarro.

Many are visible from outside the barn, but it's pretty easy to get in to see the rest by contacting them via the website.

Tino and other members of the family also do a bit of painting:

I met Carole Ferro when I visited. She had just been painting a peacock before we arrived.

I love the piece Carole called the Olive Tree:

The twisted trunk is made of a complete jumble of metal objects:

The piece that got my attention the most, though, was probably this cluster of steel fiddlehead ferns:

They seemed like aliens until I realized they were just friendly ostrich ferns, made gigantic and rendered in stainless.

The funniest piece was probably this, which was tucked away almost out of sight under the barn:

From the cone-shaped corsette and garters, I deduced its intended subject is Madonna, but darn if her face doesn't look more like the HBO version of Daenarys Targaryen.

Frog Pond Farm has a winter location in St. Pauls, North Carolina, also called Frog Pond Farm South. Who knows what they've got outside there.

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Gina said...

Wow. Cool sculptures. Thanks for posting all the photos!