Saturday, July 11, 2015

Father-Daughter Coffee Paraphernalia

When Daughter Number Three-Point-One was little, I assumed she would never become a coffee drinker because she despised bitter tastes.

Well, sure enough, college life, maturing tastebuds, and sleep deprivation have led to this day, where I now have a coffee-drinking 21-year-old living in my house for the summer. Last week she bought her own coffee maker, a Bialetti moka pot like the ones she used on a recent semester abroad.

She is like her father, which is generally a good thing to be. And so in honor of their new-found common interest, here is a photo of their two coffeemakers:

Her dad uses an AeroPress. I don't understand these coffee technologies or the desire to drink something that tastes like the burned remnants of old garbage.

But I'm glad the two of them have something new in common.

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