Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jeopardy! Job Titles

My recent habit of watching Jeopardy! on a regular basis does more than leave me with a welter of facts I may not remember. It has made me think about the changing nature of work and occupations, as reflected in the job titles used when the contestants are introduced.

Sure, there are still teachers, attorneys, students, professors, actors, and many other occupations that a person from 1970 would recognize. But on a daily basis, there are employment phrases that would have sounded made up even 20 years ago.

Here are a few:

  • Marketing content manager
  • Data repair technician
  • Information manager
  • Royalties manager
  • Strategy consultant
  • Grants analyst
  • Software architect
  • Global talent management associate
  • Visual information specialist
  • Government relations liaison
  • Telecommunications technician
  • Operations analyst
  • User experience designer
  • Financial services officer
  • Customer due diligence specialist
And my favorite of all:

Character trainer, a job title given by a woman who trains the people who wear cartoon animal suits at Disney World.

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