Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Three from the Magazine World

Two bad sightings and one good one from my recent magazine reading.

Yes, professors, we know you have chins, but did the page designer really have to juxtapose these two images?

This ad, which tries to show the stages of a young woman's life by illustrating three ways to use a hose, gets it just a bit wrong. I guess the car is okay as a symbol of going out on your own for the first time (in this car culture), but how many people do you know who start gardening before they have children? Young singles and even couples are not big gardeners, generally.

I guess the garden is supposed to represent the idea of home ownership -- which I just realized as I was writing this -- but I don't think it works conceptually. She probably should have been hosing off the windows of a house.

Finally, a bit of goodness: the new logo for Lakewinds Food Co-op from an ad in Minnesota Monthly. Almost every co-op logo tries to use an image of food plants, but I really like how this version of that old idea brings together grains and fruits to make an unusual symbol of edible growth. It's also a nicely restrained use of two colors. Good job, Lakewinds!

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