Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Three from Target

These three photos are from a recent trip to Target, a place that has gotten almost too self-consciously consumerist, if that's possible:

Which is it, Target? It can't be both. Or can it? Baudrillard would be proud.

Yes, that's what's needed. More focus on me. I am the center of the universe, after all, and deserve to buy myself everything in this store.

These two outfits were hanging in the dressing room. Interesting how the guy clothes are multi-layered and very modest, while the gal clothes have not only shorter shorts but a see-through top. What do young women wear under these transparent clothes? (I'm aware that I sound like a person frowning while saying, "Kids these days.") Does anyone actually wear these?


Michael Leddy said...

Is the “faux real” sign a pun? Fo’ real? For real?

Daughter Number Three said...

Yes, I guess it is, though I didn't notice it at first. But still.