Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Today I've got two objects I saw in the world of retail -- one beautiful, the other ridiculous.

I saw this cover in a used bookstore, and loved the use of negative space, especially the H and O. I wish I'd noted the publication date; some time around 1965, I'd guess.

The subtlety of the book cover is quite a contrast with this current bit of work. Hooter Hiders -- give me a break. How many women think of their breasts as hooters? Nursing covers may be wanted by some women, but the name is stupid and insulting. And the company name Bébé au Lait isn't so great, either -- it's more a mixed metaphor than a clever quip. (The product, according to the Guardian, "is a giant tent with a rigid neckline, allowing you to look down at your baby while wearing the maternal equivalent of clown trousers.")

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