Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Answering the White Person's Question

This is the only answer needed for the constant questions from my fellow white people about Baltimore (and Ferguson and everywhere else in the news on similar topics lately).

Posted, I gather from layout, to Facebook by the great Rebecca Solnit.

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Gina said...

Hear, hear! White people do need to stop chasing the race tail and start looking at their own beliefs and behavior. To me, this is incredibly difficult because the core beliefs of our white culture say that America is a white country, that white is superior, that white rules, that white is entitled. So many see change as a losing proposition, i.e. whites will lose everything we think we have and be hurt by the change. But what if we could figure out a way to make the change win-win? I've been wrestling with this ever since Trayvon Martin. I'm stuck in the idea that change cannot be forced. Each person needs to genuinely want to change in order for the core beliefs to be ripped out and replaced.