Friday, November 28, 2014

Tweets of Ferguson and Other Novemberness

November may have broken my Twitter feed. What a month.

First there was the mid-term election:

It's smart marketing that Cremation Society of Minnesota commercials are flashed between Minnesota political ads, right when we're thinking about dying.
By Molly Priesmeyer

So voters want a higher minimum wage, legal pot, abortion access and GOP representation. Ok then.
By Ben Casselman 

Whole lot of middle class & above white women vote against their own interests. They want equality with white men, not equality for all.
By Michelle Kendall

I suppose Scott Walker will be getting glasses now.
By Charlie Quimby

Unemployment at a 7-year low and 56 consecutive months of private-sector job growth. Thank God voters are putting a stop to THAT!
By Mark Harris

Scott Walker? Really?
By David Roberts

We are a center-wrong country.
By Chris Steller
And then there was that video of a young woman walking through New York City for 10 hours, getting verbally harassed constantly. I actually didn't watch the video, but couldn't help collecting these tweets:
"So I can't say anything to women in public ever?" If you're asking that question the answer is unequivocally yes.
By Elon James White

White dudes whine if they’re not allowed to bring their deadly killing toys into Chipotle! Imagine if they were catcalled 100x a day. White dudes whine when you won’t call their favorite holidays by the right name. What if they had real problems? 
By David Roberts

Crazy that every dude I know knows how to play dodgeball but not why it's bad to "compliment" a strange woman on the street.
By Julieanne Smolinski

Is no one going to talk about this though?

By Madalynn.

Can't tell you the number of times I've walked down the street and women have told me to smile. Oh, yes I can. It's zero.
By Scott Simpson

Men: Not ALL men. Men to their daughters: Yes, all men. Every single one of them
By Kiran Khattra
Followed by President Obama's move to allow millions of immigrants to stay in the U.S., with work permits:
Obama is like an emperor, but the kind who can’t staff his administration or get laws passed and is leaving office in two years.
By David Roberts

Obama's immigration actions are illegal & unconstitutional, say the folks who didn't lift a finger to stop torture under Bush.
By Frank Conniff
Winter started early, bringing on the usual round of climate change denial. A few responses:
Global warming isn't real because I was cold today! Also great news: World hunger is over because I just ate.
By Stephen Colbert

“So much for global warming!” said the Buffaloan from under 6 feet of snow condensed out of extra water evaporated from an unusually warm lake
By Paulo Ordoveza

Don't think of it as snow. Think of it as whitespace.
By mitch goldstein
As the month was coming to a close, we awaited the Darren Wilson grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri, and people there had to deal with all of the militarized policing built up in response. Then there was the verdict and the reaction, which is still ongoing as I write this.
State of Emergency: An irrational and unfounded fear that centuries of white supremacist violence might cause the tiniest shred of blowback.
By Saladin Ahmed

When authorities talk about "peaceful protest" what they mean is 'passive'.
By David Kaib

I feel like I need a State of Emergency brochure just to understand which rights have been halted.
By DeRay Mckesson

After "5,000 hours of training" those policing Ferguson protests still not all wearing nametags & still detaining journalists
By Wesley Lowery

Anti white-supremacy does not mean anti-white. Do not ascribe your sense of hate speech to me. #Ferguson
By DeRay Mckesson

Urge to ask Ferguson protestors to "be like Martin Luther King," ignores the how the State actually responded to Martin Luther King.
By Ta-Nehisi Coates

Take a second to observe this:

By #LetsWakeUp

I don't want to die. (Typing that made my eyes water.). I want to live in an America that won't slaughter me or those like me.
By DeRay Mckesson

Adding more Black officers to an already corrupt and inherently violent institution will not transform it.
By Charlene Carruthers
If conflicting witness testimony was a reason not to charge, America would no longer be the land of mass incarceration.
By Lisa Bloom

Some Americans who never trust their government tend to be the ones who trust it completely whenever an unarmed black person is shot & killed.
By John Fugelsang

Throughout history, the subjugated have always had to be nobler. That is a hell of a thing, to expect nobility in the face of disgrace.
By Roxane Gay

If I had to pick, my least favorite part of "white privilege" is presuming to fully understand a black person's experience.
By Aparna Nancherla

Body cameras on all street cops.
Body cameras on all street cops.
Body cameras on all street cops.
Body cameras on all street cops.
By Nick Sherman

Why is there always a laundry list of other shit black people "need" to do before you feel that they deserve justice and fair treatment?
By James Holas

We riot over hockey. Shut the fuck up. RT @GOPBlackChick: Why is it whites don’t riot when they don’t get a verdict they dislike?
By Lavish Life Mgmt.

Holding that press conference at 8 p.m. at night was sure some fine, thoughtful law-n-orderin.
By Tom Tomorrow

These excerpts from Darren Wilson's testimony are just stunning. Like a rejected Michael Bay script for a remake of Birth of a Nation.
By jay smooth

It only takes one person to set a fire. And it's a really good way to discredit an entire community. Remember that.
By Amadi

I wish prosecutors were this skeptical of eyewitness testimony in all the cases that don't involve police officers shooting people.
By radleybalko

Racism is white people destroying property for sporting events while black people must remain "civil" when our children are shot by cops.
By Ghetto Geek

By engaging in acts of civil disobedience, we are doing what citizens in a democracy are supposed to do when injustices happen. #Ferguson
By Nikhil Goyal

My official rule for any news media that I do is that I will not have this conversation centered on property damage. #Ferguson
By Elon James White

Do people who change #BlackLivesMatter to #AllLivesMatter run thru a cancer fundraiser going "THERE ARE OTHER DISEASES TOO"?
By Arthur Chu

Lead detective [in Ferguson] said he walked the distance from Mike Brown to the SUV 50 times. 160 feet 4 inches. Was stumped why police ever said 35 feet.
By Shaun King
And as Thanksgiving and Black Friday came, the reverberations continued, and discussions shifted.
What surprised me most in [Taylor Branch's civil rights history] is how often King/SNCC failed. Popular portrayal is that every time he marched walls fell.
By Jesse Lansner

If you're a white actor, you can be 25 and play a high school kid. If you're a Black 12-year-old, cops cast you as a hardened criminal.
By Saladin Ahmed 

Getting variations of the "go back to Africa" rebuttal. Not how this works. We are here to run you out, not the other way around.
By Ta-Nehisi Coates 

Racial pathology arguments about social ills are the gateway argument to full-blown racist thinking.
By Charles M. Blow 

I’ve never seen so much open racism on social media as in the last few days. One thing I’ve noticed is how much of it proceeds from zero-sum thinking. Conservative whites act like there’s a finite amount of grievance in the world & it’s imperative for them to claim as much as possible.
By David Roberts

Racism is an actual tool in American history. It serves real purposes. It is not just "white people being mean to black people." Democracy in America is inseparable from the looting of native American land and the enslavement of blacks. It's unavoidable.
By Ta-Nehisi Coates 

Based on replies to my Giuliani piece, a whole lot of people believe high homicide rates are inherent to black people being black people.
By Jamelle Bouie  
Plus lots of funnies to make me feel better, education commentary, and more.
This Map Shows What People Are Most Thankful For In Every State:

By Mother Jones 

If you told an alien that something on earth was called "The Sweet Science," they would guess one million other things before boxing.
By Jeremy Woodcock 

New rule for Twitter. Never respond to anyone whose bio says something like "proud contrarian."
By Ta-Nehisi Coates 

Same people who are always 'so then what's your solution?' will 'that'll never work' you to death. Ignore them.
By dream hampton 

There's obviously something snobby about looking down on Black Friday, but snobbery isn't always wrong.
By Josh Barro 

UKIP [British anti-immigration party] warns of Schrödinger’s immigrant who ‘lazes around on benefits whilst simultaneously stealing your job.'
By Lara O'Reilly 

Is truncating the y-axis dishonest?

By Andrew Kniss 

Am I the only person left on the planet who would rather read the article than watch the video?
By Megan Madden 

America thrives on the notion that what you have makes you who you are. We need to let that go.
By Michelle Benee 

Funny how the GOP believes corporate welfare motivates the rich, yet social welfare demotivates the poor.
By Casey 

Programming is easy, like riding a bike. Except the bike is on fire and you're on fire and everything is on fire and you're actually in hell
By jürgen 

"Sarcasm and compassion are two of the qualities that make life on earth tolerable." – Nick Hhornby, British author
By נתן שקרצ'י 

I wish "constantly trying to be a better person" were evolutionarily ingrained. But not seeing a lot of evidence for that.
By Tom Tomorrow 

Spoiler alert:

By _youhadonejob

Formative years are wasted on the unformed.
By Chris Steller 

Wtf. Wtf. RT @scATX: NO NO NO NO RT @ericgrant: This is an actual ad by @Sony:

By Angry Black Lady

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy books, which is pretty much the same thing.
By Luke Romyn

"In 2010, U.S. freeways in America received $52B in federal funding, while Amtrak received $1.5 billion."
By William Lindeke

Soot is second only to CO2 in creating climate-changing conditions — and so offers hope for reducing threat.
By Momentum

Classic RT @krysilove: Never Forget:

By starfishncoffee

Job interviewer: Do you have any questions for us? Me: Yes. How could the Weasley family even be "poor" in a magical, post-scarcity society
By Ken Jennings

“Remarkably, perceiving one’s judgments as objective predicted greater gender bias.”
By JD Maturen

These sets all have the same mean, median and variance. Lesson: Always Visualise:

By Kris Peeters

Every time MSNBC says "Africa" replace it in your mind with "North America" so you can see how stupid that sounds. Africa is a continent...
By Alexis Emilia

"Assuming 2-6 parking spaces per vehicle, parking costs total $1,000 to $4,000 per urban automobile."
By William Lindeke

Chomsky: "If schools were, in reality, democratic, there would be no need to bombard students with platitudes about democracy."
By Nikhil Goyal

Winter parking rules are in effect:

By Chris Steller

The U.S. has killed millions so that 5% of world population can have 40% of world resources. Everything else is just commentary.
By Free Public Transit

My kids: "He/she's my favorite teacher." Translation: they are really cool, treat us like people, and are funny."
By Sisyphus38

Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people than violence, including #war
By Conservation Intl

Truth: if you toss papers in a pile and sort thru them a year later, you won't need to keep any of them.
By Helaine Olen

Love it when Republicans claim Jackie Robinson & leave out that *he wrote* that the '64 Goldwater Republican Convention felt like a Nazi rally.
By Dave Zirin

Socially engineering poverty in broad swaths of community is not considered a "safety" issue. Murder rate is.
By Ta-Nehisi Coates

Gaudy Clown Crab:

By Strange Animals

This dude seems genuinely annoyed that people are excited to see me when he thinks I'm nobody. I want to ask him why he thinks he should know everything all the time. Oh yeah, I remember. #WhitePrivilege
By W. Kamau Bell

Is it an esthetic choice whether to say "ess-TET-ic" or "ess-THEH-tic"? Is it an aesthetic choice if you spell it "aesthetic" or "esthetic"?
By Chris Steller

A swear jar, but for racist remarks by public figures. Say whatever ignorant shit you want, but pay for it. Brutal fees, sliding scale.
By Saladin Ahmed

So someone names themselves "Uber" and you're surprised when they turn out to be fascists?
By William Lindeke

Bill Nye in 9th grade science class:

By Science Porn

Would love to read a history of naming. Strongly suspect that there's nothing particularly original about "making up" names. So much of this just comes down to cultural ("racist") snobbery. You hate "Shaniqua." But why precisely? Seriously why? ...not sure why naming your kid "George Washington" because you think he'll have presidential properties is any more legit.
By Ta-Nehisi Coates

I often say: privilege is the difference between choosing to advocate change and having no choice but to do so.
By Deborah Roseman

Jon Stewart wakes up, annihilates the alarm, eviscerates his eggs. Demolishes his pants, destroys his hair, carpetbombs the train to work...
By Chris Steller

If unconditional love and genuine enthusiasm are present, praise isn’t necessary. If they’re absent, praise won’t help.
By Alfie Kohn

Hotel survey:

By Kristina Halvorson

International Men's Day, International White People's Day International Hetero Day, International I Have Use Of My Legs And You Don't Day...
By Saladin Ahmed

As soon as we needed our first parking ramp, humanity should have reared up as one to change course.
By Chris Steller

The Axolotl is a critically endangered salamander from Mexico. It has the ability to regenerate lost body parts:

By Strange Animals

The number of long-term jobs created by the KeystoneXL pipeline is what the economy on the whole produces every ten minutes.
By Philip Bump

Never said this before but it's true. Adam Smith shares more in common with Karl Marx than Frederick Hayek. Sorry, not sorry.
By Sean McElwee

Read two things invoking Richard Florida before 9:30 a.m., sailors take warning.
By Chris Steller

However one answers it, HOW DO WE STOP ISLAMIC TERRORISM? is ultimately about as pressing a question as HOW DO WE STOP LIGHTNING STRIKES? Lost in all the debate over tactics and approaches: The fact that Islamic terrorism isn't actually one of the Big Problems Facing The World.
By Saladin Ahmed

Only one religion is right but I won't say which one because I want you to figure it out by hating and killing each other while I watch.
By God

I'm against whatever this guy is for:

By Brian Gaar

When someone starts a sentence "I’m all in favor of free speech…” odds are that they aren’t.
By Michael C Moynihan

The idea of doing the pledge of allegiance in schools was conceived by a businessman who wanted to sell flags.
By What The F**k!

Most of the costs of owning a motor vehicle are fixed. It's key to reduce the need to even own a car at all.
By Kristy Westendorp

Pretend to be a moon by taking all your selfies through a toilet roll centre. (via @nathanknight):

By Viz Top Tips

It is fascinating that when you joke about men's sexuality it is inappropriate while joking about women's sexuality is comedy, free speech.
By Roxane Gay

What if Adolf Hitler became a monster because from a very young age he was hunted by people in their time machines who wanted to kill him?
By Dan

"Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself." – Jimmy Carter, 1977
By Ta-Nehisi Coates

Kids, before Twitter your mother and I had to go out and individually recruit people to confirm our biases and it was exhausting.
By pourmecoffee

Saddened that so many have asked in last 24hrs if my support for women victims of male violence means I condone violence against men. #duh
By Billy Bragg

I know it’s puzzling to start from Square One. But it’s best to start by trying to educate yourself and by *listening to people* for a bit.
By Erin Kissane

The word for "Pull" in Thai looks like an old school doctor, ready for some fisticuffs:

By Halloween Costumes

One surefire way to survive Wal-Mart is to pretend you're an explorer who just discovered a refugee camp for people who weren't raptured.
By Kaleb Horton

The most compelling argument for #CompleteStreets, and walkable hoods. "What kills us":

By jennifer keesmaat

Student asks English teacher "Why do we have to learn Algebra?" English teacher says "To be well rounded." Student says "Oh, can you help me?" English teacher says "No, I'm an English teacher."
By Sisyphus38

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.
By Kurt Vonnegut

Education reform governance: White, wealthy constituencies get elected boards. Minority, poor constituencies get boards appointed by elites.
By John Kuhn

Prisons do not make problems disappear; prisons make people disappear.
By Alan Mills

"Through media we have begun to accept a police state. That is a direct result of how impactful TV can be." - @dreamhampton
By Jennifer L. Pozner

Albino hummingbird:

By Strange Animals

When a woman takes a sexy photo and is reprimanded because "she's a mother" I get confused. You all know how babies are made, right?
By Jewel Staite

The amount of $$ Americans pay active money managers is equal to the GDP of Switzerland. Few of them beat the market.
By Noah Smith

Knowing that it's best for a five-year-old to not run into the street does not equal you knowing everything they NEED to learn in life.
By Sisyphus38

Can you imagine people in 100 years writing historical fiction set today? The dialogue will probably all be written in hashtags.
By Mackenzi Lee

"Rich people, in my experience, don’t want to change the world. The world as it is suits them nicely. " – Michael Lewis
By The New Republic

"Secularism is not the opposite of religion, but the opposite of theocracy." — Joseph Lee
By wordwizard

User testing is painful to watch. That's why everyone should watch it.
By Luke Wroblewski

Efforts to promote resilience in kids often distract from challenging the practices & policies that cause harm & require resilience.
By Alfie Kohn

Your password must include at least an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a symbol, a number, two emoji, and the illusion of security.
By Eric A. Meyer

Can you imagine having $60M in disposable income and thinking "I know who needs it most—Harvard, which only has a $36 BILLION endowment!"
By Anil Dash

You are what you do, not what you say you'd do if you weren't scared.
By Susan Ohanian

Number of people killed by cops hit 20-year high in 2013. Meanwhile, violent crime dropped, and police deaths hit 50-year low.
By radleybalko

Fox: "Why did America waste money landing on a comet?" Scientist: "This is a European mission." Fox: "Why didn't America get there first?"
By JRehling

Cities feel a lot less welcoming when you highlight the places pedestrians aren't supposed to go like this:

By Michael Farrell

Like so many Americans, she was trying to construct a life that made sense from things she found in gift shops.
By Kurt Vonnegut

Always amazing to hear folks condemn Kwanzaa as "made up" because other holidays are, of course, the product of Newtonian physics...
By Ta-Nehisi Coates

You're sick of "feminism"? Well, I'm sick of making less money, feeling like my body is community property, and feeling shamed & harassed.
By Rainbow Rowell

New GOP slogan: Midterm elections have consequences. And only midterm elections.
By David Roberts

Reading comments is like intentionally biting down on a canker sore.
By Molly Priesmeyer

From Sen. Bernie Sanders:

By sassygirl

"We have to hate poverty just as much as we hate violence." – @rasjbaraka
By kymone freeman

"The money spent on one year’s worth of military operations would fund the US space program for half a century."
By Steven Brust

"Food is a BIG part of climate change picture. Produces more greenhouse gas than transportation. Second only to energy sector." – @michaelpollan
By Gabrielle Langholtz

Oh, goddamit, Internet. Now you're going to make me stand up for Kim Kardashian? Because, seriously, nothing says patriarchy quite like the world mocking women for dressing in schlubby "mom jeans" AND then have that same world turn around and slut shame a woman for being sexy while *gAsP* "being someone's mom". What a super fun catch-22! If you're not sexy, it's because you're a fat loser mom. If you are sexy, that's horrible, you're a mom!
By Maggie Koerth-Baker

Look into the eyes of your great-great-great grandchild and explain why we did this:

By Daniel J Bentley 

There is never going to be a leap, for any country, directly to *adequate* climate policy. It’s going to be an incremental build.
By David Roberts

Every time I write about feminism, the emails I receive convince me that I should really write about it more.
By kelsey mckinney

The Right’s "China will never do anything on climate" line is being disappeared down the memory hole, as we speak.
By David Roberts

Ack. I don't understand carpet. It's like floor clothing you can never change.
By Rainbow Rowell

Berlin Wall vs. Palestine Wall:


Lots of Right Wing trolls in my feed. There’s a reason they call them "dittoheads." Amazing how they move/speak as one, like a school of fish.
By David Roberts

I wish academics would release chapbooks of solo essays & half-baked ideas, the way musicians release EPs, demos, B-Sides, alt-takes, etc.
By Ezra Brooks

The whole trick of racism is to get you to believe you put the boot on your own neck--and are holding it there.
By Ta-Nehisi Coates

Some people shouldn't: Carry guns Get married Smoke weed Give birth. Government shouldn't: Have any authority to decide who they are.
By SnarkFetish

I really reject the concept of "tasteful" in interior design and clothing and MOST things. As if there is one taste, and it is correct, and it becomes a test for rightness and wrongness. "Tasteful" almost always means "neutral." As if you are somehow an inappropriate and excessive and WRONG person because you like the wrong colors.
By Rainbow Rowell

Variegated grasshopper:

By Strange Animals

The fact that police officers are respected more than teachers is emblematic of much that is wrong with this country.
By Alan Mills

The number of people in the US who ride bicycles > people who ski, golf, + play tennis combined, but how much of our cities are given to golf courses?
By William Lindeke

It's been 70 years since we fought a war about freedom. Forced troop worship and compulsory patriotism must end.
By David Roberts

A good way to honor our veterans would be to not use them as human shields in an endless quest for economic supremacy.
By adam

This is like watching a horse trying to do calculus by clopping its hoof to count:

By Cohen

"I think the biggest fake ever perpetrated is that children like big yards. What children like are other children" – Ken T. Jackson
By Taras Grescoe

Conservative psychology is notoriously averse to ambiguity. It likes clean lines, hierarchy, clear divisions of good & evil. In other words, the very nature of global, interconnected, complex modern life rubs conservatives the wrong way (& will more & more). So there will only be increasing impetus for conservatives to retreat into fantasy, into simple morality tales & ideological truisms.
By David Roberts

I'm growing my armpit hair out for No Shave November. This way when white people ask to touch my hair, I can make it awkward for THEM.
By Jessica R. Williams

When Niebuhr is good, he's great:

By Elizabeth Stoker

Public relations people earn 54% more than journalists & outnumber them nearly 5 to 1.
By Conrad Hackett

"The people who control society want the schools to pick winners in such a way that the existing social order is not changed." – John Holt
By Nikhil Goyal

Americans say CEOs should get 7x average worker's pay. They actually get 354x the average worker.
By Conrad Hackett

The incredible Vietnamese mossy frog:

By Strange Animals

Good morning. I'm sorry, I'll get on board. Yes, the Emperor's clothes are beautiful. Yes, that does feel nice to say.
By Sisyphus38

"Memorizing is a strategy for taking in material that has no personal meaning." – Ellen Langer, The Power of Mindful Learning
By Alfie Kohn

"Public spaces are the new anchor tenant. If you get public spaces right, the retail will work." – @ebkent
By jennifer keesmaat

On a job application I checked a box that I am male and then I checked a box that I am white. Ergo, I believe I have checked my privilege.
By Chris Steller

In general: Pay the people who create the things you love. Then they can afford to make more. It's pretty simple, actually.
By John Scalzi

"Early buildings in 1850 in Toronto all had awnings because the importance of pedestrian comfort was recognized." #CProundtable
By jennifer keesmaat

Brains are truly wondrous, mine goes from 0 to EverythingYou'veEverDoneIsAMistake before my head even hits the pillow!
By Janine Brito

It seems I’ve tamed the em-dash only by allowing parentheticals to run wild.
By David Roberts

The weirdest thing about the social media age. (This is on a story about Pewdiepie turning off his comments.)

By Keza MacDonald

If good writers tend to be readers and the way we teach reading tends to cause the hatred/avoidance of reading, do we also hurt writing?
By Sisyphus38

"No complaining if you don't vote" is BS. I say no complaining if you're not actively working to make your vision of a better city a reality
By Rachael P

All persons, living and dead, are purely coincidental.
By Kurt Vonnegut

People who advocate for a completely free market must read A Christmas Carol as the tragedy of a hero who was brainwashed by ghosts.
By Siobhan Thompson

Hey beet industry: not trying to cut you grass or anything, but if glue googly eye to them + rename them 'beeps', you might sell more beeps
By Bigfoot TheBigfoot

Your grandparents weren't more financially virtuous. They couldn't borrow their way out of a jam. The problem is that the decrease in income was accompanied by an increased ability to borrow.
By Helaine Olen

Cities need to cook like good stew in a crock pot instead of some easy mac zapped in the microwave.
By Strong Towns

"Leadership Development: If You’re the Smartest Person in the Room, You’re in the Wrong Room." – @InnovatorsAlnc
By Then Ms Murphy Said

For every 100 women who earn a master's degree, 62 men earn 1. For every 100 male CEOs in the Fortune 500, there are 4 women.
By Tam Vo

I really wish Obama was the president that Ben Stein believes he is.
By W. Kamau Bell

An editor is a person who knows more about writing than writers do but who has escaped the terrible desire to write. – E.B. White
By Shaun Usher

"If you really hate someone, teach them to recognize bad kerning." – M. Sinclair Stevens
By Carolyn Porter

Writers take heart! Rejection is in the eye of the Rejecter:

By Frank Cottrell-Boyce

I don't mind you being rich. I mind you buying my government.
By ReformNowR

Person begging on the street: "Get a job!" Person begging via crowdsourcing: "Hey, we should write an article about this."
By Jamie Yates

The mismatch between what IPCC says is necessary and what ANY country is doing is so huge, it has created a kind of surrealist atmosphere.
By David Roberts

To become a proper writer, you have to forgive yourself the catastrophe of the first draft.
By Alain de Botton

Monday morning's mixed metaphors fell, like a dusty hammer, upon the dead dawn of dreams and had me crawling like a tomb towards Twitter.
By Salt Publishing

A clever way to show how ancient ruins looked like:

By Amazing Architecture

Patriot Act warrants used more for drugs than for terrorism.
By David Roberts

People never say, “My ancestors came here in 1920, and immediately got jobs Black people couldn’t get.”
By David von Ebers

In 1952 Mad Magazine went on sale. Its basic message was "Think for yourself, kid." Time magazine said it was fad that would soon disappear
By Susan Ohanian

"When people hear accident, they hear ‘no way this could have been prevented.’ Accident is loaded and not factual."
By Strong Towns

These are some great ethnic Halloween costumes:

By Hend

No one bothers saying "cordless phone" anymore, I think we can drop "unmitigated disaster."
By Chris Steller

Take your favorite Revolutionary War figure & your favorite kind of tea and that's your Benedict Cumberbatch Name.
By Janine Brito

Random hotness: Ida B Wells is incredible. Seriously. Should be on the $20 bill. Kick Andrew Jackson off.
By Ta-Nehisi Coates

"We asked for flying cars and all we got was the entire planet communicating instantly via pocket supercomputers."
By chris dixon

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