Saturday, November 1, 2014

Someone Let Them Trademark the Word, Too

Found among the box-loads of papers that some family members keep for reasons only they understand:

Okay, I said to myself. Someone in the regulatory compliance profession either has a sense of humor or lacks any sense that the word conformity is highly loaded.

But it's just a newsletter, right? Who cares what they call their newsletter. But no. It's also a magazine:

The fact that regulatory compliance is an industry freaks me out just a little bit, though I suppose it's logical. I imagine they also have an association.

Another amusing note on the newsletter content: Notice the main article headline, "Agreement on MRAs Finally Reached." I gather from the text that MRA stands for "mutual recognition agreement."

These days on the interweb and particularly Tumblr, MRA stands for Men's Rights Activist, and so a headline that reports an agreement has finally been reached on them is what drew my attention to these publications in the first place.

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