Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tom Tomorrow Faces the Real Threat

The work of cartoonist Tom Tomorrow has graced the alternative weekly newspapers of the U.S. for almost 25 years. He's still going strong, although his business model has pretty much evaporated out from under him. These days, he gets by with a few remaining print publications, appearances on the Daily Kos and The Nib, and an enewsletter called Sparky's List, which costs $9.99 a year and gives readers a sneak peek at his weekly output and a special message from him.

His panels for this week express my perspective so perfectly that I have to put them up here and ask everyone who can to support his work, one way or another:

(Click to enlarge.)

The same people who get bent out of shape about the effect of the budget deficit and debt on "our children and grandchildren" but don't care a bit about global warming also think that ISIS/ISIL/IS is an existential threat. Well, I've got an existential threat for you guys, and it's name is climate change.

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