Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Photo Potpourri

A few views of my world recently.

Using a Port-a-Potty / Rent-a-John the other day, I saw this helpful face posted inside the door:

I'm not sure how they know that, and my photo is so blurry I can't read the web address to check into it further. But it's an interesting, falsifiable claim.

Here's a nonfalsifiable claim:

But I like it nonetheless. (Seen on the side of Intermedia Arts in South Minneapolis.)

Then there are these folks who appear to be overly self-aware:

Okay, if you say so!

And a face on the sidewalk:

Kind of sad and lonely looking, but I'm sure it means something to the utility workers who spray-painted it.

I was amused by this real estate sign, advertising a small, locally owned company:

Both the name of the business and the logo seem a bit misbegotten. The first meaning for the word belay that comes to my mind is stop  -- as in, "Belay that order Commander Riker." Though it does also have a meaning that has something to do with climbing ropes and fixing them to surfaces. Okay.  And the obvious assumption is that it's the owner's last name.

But am I the only one who sees those two figures as breaking into the house?

Finally, a logo that I like:

Whether it makes sense as an apartment building name is another question, but as a design I really like the way LIME integrates with the fun, twisty M.

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