Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Borrowed Character

I don't know who Jaakko Seppälä (other than that he's Finnish, based on the name), but here's a piece of his fun art that I looked at for quite awhile:

Ten characters, 100 styles. The diagonal from top left to bottom right shows a character as drawn by its original illustrator. Then each column shows the other nine characters drawn in the style of the other nine illustrators. I'm not sure who all of the characters or illustrators are, but it doesn't matter a lot.

Particular favorites of mine are Donald Duck in the styles of Batman and Peanuts, Batman in the style of Garfield, and Asterix in the style of Calvin and Hobbes.

Lucy from Peanuts is kind of boring in most of the other styles. Calvin a la Charles Schultz looks like Pigpen with better hair.

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