Monday, August 18, 2014

Suburban Spaces

Last night, a Twitter user named Travis Hughes posted this graphic to help people who are trying to understand the details of what's happening in Ferguson, Missouri:

Thanks to Travis for doing that.

But the map shows one of the problems inherent in Ferguson: Everything is concentrated on the one street, Florissant Avenue, because the side streets are generally limited to single entry points. In effect, they're super cul-de-sacs, forcing the through-traffic all onto one street. Which is lined with big box stores and pedestrian-unfriendly spaces.

Here's a wider look at that area:

The Target store mentioned as the location of the "media pen" is at the south end of this map. The store whose surveillance video was released on Friday is marked with the red balloon. Michael Brown was shot on Canfield Drive, near the north end of the green area labeled Northland Golf Club.

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