Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stating the Obvious, or Omitting the Important?

Here's a headline that's seems to be stating the obvious, but is actually missing some important components:

Longer than who? (Younger moms.)

Older (and younger) moms of all types? (No, just biological moms who give birth when they're older or younger.)

Oh, that meaning of "mom." The ones who are currently momming, er, mothering. Oh, wait, you don't mean either of those things... you mean the ones who are actively giving birth to a child.

Which reminds me. Mothering means an ongoing activity, which calls to my mind an image of a woman speaking gently to a child who's just skinned a knee, or tucking a baby into bed at night. Fathering, on the other hand, means fertilizing an egg. Parenting seems to imply the stress of navigating life with children in the present, without gender assumptions.

Verbing the nouns; it never gets old.

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