Monday, June 23, 2014

Light Tabs

After yesterday's heavy tabs, I thought I would share a few tabs of goodness related to alternative energy, resiliency, and climate change.

New design delivers round-the-clock solar power. The Spanish Gemasolar plant near Seville has 2,650 mirrors (heliostats) that cover an area 450 acres. They focus sunlight onto a central tower and heat molten salt to over 400°F. This surplus heat is stored until it's needed during cloudy periods or at night. The salt tanks store enough heat to operate for 18 hours at full capacity.

Edyn is a smart garden system that monitors environmental conditions, so gardeners/farmers can give their plants just the right amount of water without waste, as well as understand their soil and weather conditions on continual basis. This means less waste of fertilizer, whether organic or not.

Open-source agriculture: the sprouting of a new food movement. In the face of patented seeds, some ag researchers are attempting to open-source seed stocks, like carrots.

This bus recharges while passengers board and pay their fares. A way to run electric buses without a network of overhead wires.

Narendra Modi plans to bring solar to 400 million people, electrify rural India.

Sorry they're aren't more.

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