Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Birchwood Reopens

Hey, local readers, the Birchwood restaurant has reopened after a four-month renovation. More seating, a new open kitchen, two (more accessible) restrooms, and better sound management.

Oh, and all new chairs and tables. The benches along the back wall are untouched, but otherwise everything has been replaced and there are several large community tables to share in the middle of the original dining room, rather than a lot of separate ones (you know, those ones that made it difficult to walk through the room).

Another big change: At dinner, you're seated right away and waited on at table, rather than ordering before finding a seat. I understand they still do it the old, pre-order way at lunch and breakfast, though.

One thing that hasn't changed: Lots of local food, as described in this nice new chalk art over the front counter (click to enlarge).

The menu will change eight times a year. Right now they have an excellent vegetarian handpie and some very tasty grass-fed beef, among lots of other things (the menu seems to be a bit larger than in the past). Prices are about the same, though, which was a welcome semi-surprise.

Welcome back, Birchwood! We missed you.

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