Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mid-Century Hardware

Does anyone else have one of these hiding in the basement?

It was built to make use of the wooden boxes that cheese used to come in (yes, those are the drawers). Or maybe it was just Wisconsin that put cheese in long boxes?

It's been in our basement forever, since it was made by my other half's paternal grandfather. Today I was looking for an odd bit of hardware and opened the drawers for the first time.

Aside from lots of hinges, pieces of chain, and wooden knobs, I also found some nice examples of mid-20th-century vernacular design.

I have no idea what window markers are but these cry out to be used in an art project.

All the too-hardened-to-be-useful faucet washers you could ever want. But the packages make them worth keeping.

Matches, including two from Wisconsin's vacation lands (Wisconsin Dells and Minocqua). Plus one promoting veal patties with Hunt's Tomato Sauce. Mmm, mmm.

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Pete Hautman said...

Window markers were (and in some homes still are) an important tool for identifying which storm window/screen fit in each window frame for the twice-yearly switcheroo. But most people took the time to carve numbers into each window and insert cuz it was cheaper that shelling out for those fancy-ass metal badges.