Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Canning the Logo

Well, the proposed Austin logo is no more. After a hearing Monday, the city council canned it (pun intended).

According to the Star Tribune, the mayor said he's never had as many calls on any other issue. Good to know the citizens of Austin have their priorities straight. Or maybe it's just a really well-run place where nothing important ever goes wrong.

The story also had a few more details on the logo they were trying to replace when they started this whole thing. It not only has a tree, but also features the enticing tag line, "Growing Together." Wow, that sure sets them apart from other cities.

Instead of adopting the proposed design, the city plans to have a contest to create a new logo.

Oh, boy. Can't wait to see what that results in.


Here are my earlier thoughts on the Austin logo.

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