Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cure Diabetes Now!

When did we stop having any kind of protection from false advertising? I know publications want to make money and they'll take an ad that promises just about anything, but really Pioneer Press, have you sunk this low?

The text of the ad reads:

…an approach more powerful than any drug known to modern science. The free diabetic guide explains in plain English how many diabetics have been able to reduce and eliminate their drugs and insulin injections, lose weight without exercise, reduce and eliminate the risk for diabetic complications, restore pancreatic function, and even become non-diabetic.
First, if there really was something that could cure diabetes, don't you think that would be a news story?

Second, if there really was something that could cure diabetes, would it be brought to us by a chiropractor?

Maybe it's just a booklet telling you to lose weight. But that's not likely, given the headline that says "the disease can be reversed in as little as a week!"

I went to the web address, hoping it would have some information about the supposed study, but of course, there was nothing there at all. Only a form to submit your mailing address (which, of course, they will not share with anyone... right).

Yes -- this screen snapshot shows the entirety of the website.

I've gone and done it -- I signed up to see what the booklet is all about. I'll post again after it arrives.


Here's my later post after the packet arrived.  It was worse than I suspected.

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