Thursday, January 2, 2014

He Sure Told Us So

Pioneer Press letter-writer Jack Munich tells us that he went ahead and did it: He made good on his threat (in a July 2013 letter) to move to Texas so he could get away from Minnesota's weather, high taxes, and liberal government run amok.

He reports that "In our brief time in Texas we have met a surprising number of Minnesota transplants who felt like we did and left the state because they could not take it any more. We have family and friends in Minnesota and wish them and all state residents well but if state leaders do not change direction to reduce spending and taxes Minnesota is doomed to be a welfare state with no economic growth and a declining standard of living."

What declining standard of living is that he's talking about? The one in the state with the ninth-best unemployment rate in the country? (Texas, by the way, is 15th best.) The one that's compared to Scott Walker's right-wing Wisconsin paradise and found to be doing way better? The one we like to call Minnesota?

I'm glad Munich has found a new home in Texas. I feel badly for other Texans who'll have to put up with him as they fight to make their state a more fair place that lets people vote and doesn't try to control women's bodies.

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peppery said...

As a Minnesotan by birth and a former temporary Texas resident, I think he's in for some disappointment in the next decade or so. Also love that he's still communicating with the PP.