Sunday, December 1, 2013

Seven More Photos from the Northwest

Well, now I can say I've been to Eugene, Oregon. Nice town, even though I kept reading the name as "Eugenic" every time I saw it on a business sign.

Eugene and nearby Springfield were home to the merry prankster Ken Kesey. He's honored with a bronze statue in the downtown. It's located in a brick square that hosts food trucks, but because this photo is from Thanksgiving day, the vendors weren't open. Hence the billboard for Pepsi (rather than electric koolaid) in the background.

A random sighting in a Eugene parking lot.

Ferns grow everywhere in the Northwest, including out of the mortar joins of buildings. These were growing out of a stone wall (yes, there's a wall behind them).

I know I am fond of proclaiming that I've found the worst logo, but this one is a contender. Vertically stacked type, wimpy lines, and a meaningless name. The sign overall is busy, with no focal point to get your attention. Geez, I just realized now that the O in DOC is supposed to be an olive.

A Eugene hair salon to go with my earlier photos of hair places around the country. Bonus points here for the extraneous apostrophe.

From a mall in Olympia, Washington. It is imperative to warn people of all lawyer-imagined dangers.

Finally, a welcoming bit of zen.

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