Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Little Printing from Hamilton

It's time once again for the annual Wayzgoose at Hamilton Wood Type Museum. So far, what I have to share is the work of four print artists. Hamilton has been undergoing a major change this past year -- they had to move out of their original home, find a new place, then move 27 semi-trucks full of printing equipment. The museum is not quite open yet, but they're holding the Wayzgoose anyway as a kickoff to the reopening scheduled in the next few weeks.

First, this poster from the new and improved retail shop:

Not sure who the artist is on this, but I'll add it once I find out.

Next, a bit of purposeful misspelling by Peter Fraterdeus of Dubuque, Iowa:

That's transparent white ink printed on dampened white paper, with little bits of colored ink flecked onto the wood type before the impression.

A collection of insect prints by Bill Moran of St. Paul, Minn.:

Definitely click this one to enlarge and see the different posters, all created with pieces of wood type and often metallic inks.

And finally, this greeting card by Jen Farrel of Starshaped Press in Chicago:

Farrel's intricate designs are best appreciated by seeing her locked-up type, so check this out enlarged also.

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