Sunday, October 6, 2013

Photos Around the Towns

A few recent photos of my local world.

First, a vintage banana box:

Seen at Mager's and Quinn bookshop in Minneapolis.

Tempting packaging for some hot fudge:

Seen at the Saint Paul Cheese Shop.

A shirt that combines Star Trek and bowling:

Seen at Buffalo Exchange, Minneapolis.

The ugliest shoes ever made:

And remember, this is written by a woman who wore brown and white saddle shoe platforms as a freshman in high school. (Seen at Turn Style in Roseville.)

An altered alley sign:

Seen in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis.


Rob said...

The "Wesley Crushers" is also a Big Bang Theory reference...

Daughter Number Three said...

Thanks, Rob. I thought that shirt looked too professionally designed to be something a fan thought up, but I was holding out the possibility. Obviously, I don't watch BBT.