Friday, October 4, 2013

Dick and Jane's Spot, Ellensburg, Washington

When you're a fan of outsider artists, especially environment-builders, there's not much as good as stumbling upon one you didn't know about. I had that experience recently in Ellensburg, Washington, located right in the middle of the state. We were driving down the street, looking for a place to have dinner, when Daughter Number Three-Point-One said "Hey, I think I saw..."

So we stopped, and next time you're in Ellensburg, I recommend you do, too.

The yard was created by Dick Elliott and Jane Orleman "predominantly from their own play, but it is also a collection of the work and play of over 35 artists. Dick & Jane's Spot is dedicated to the philosophy of 'one hearty laugh is worth ten trips to the doctor.'" (Quoted from their website.)

It's called Dick & Jane's Spot.

As with many outsider art environments, the focal point is a decorated fence. The front and most of the sides allow good views into the yard. The house itself is beautiful.

Circular colored reflectors are a staple medium for one of the artists involved. (I later learned the artist was Dick Elliott.)

These flat people stand at the corner of the fenced yard. I'd guess they're the work of Jane Orleman.

You can purchase a postcard from a hacked dispenser near the front gate. Behind it is one of the many telephone-pole sculptures, called "Big Red." Her reflector-nipples scandalized the town for a while.

The side fence shares space with an assortment of telephone-pole sculptures:

On the alley-side of the lot, there's a gravel path marked with more ornamented posts and sculptures.

Also on the alley side, there's a large 2D piece, made from reflectors, mounted on the house wall:

By the time you get to the garage, you're almost prepared for the spires of ceramic insulators and the hubcap collage:

I could have spent hours there, but we were hungry. I'll have to stop back again.

Located at 101 N. Pearl Street, Ellensburg, Washington. (Dick & Jane Spot's website, with a photo gallery here, before and after pictures here)

Roadside American story about Dick & Jane's Spot

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Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Wow, I kinda love this. But I can imagine that not everyone in town considers it art. :)