Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Clearly, They're My Kind of People

We can all rest easy now: There is an Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.

I heard about it on NPR. At least they weren't a sponsor; someone from the joint was quoted during a Marketplace segment.

The story was about how mansions designed for the ultra-rich these days are modest in scale. No more 20,000-square-foot behemoths, says Laurie Moore-Moore (I kid you not, that's her real name) -- discerning buyers want only 7,000 square feet, though they still must have all the artisanal finishes like French limestone walls, hand-forged doorknobs, and antique black oak floors. Every item must have at least once adjective or it can't be included.

3,735 people like the organization on Facebook. They run a conference called Leaders in Luxury. And they publish a book called Rich Buyer, Rich Seller.

All in all, a lovely bunch of people.

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Gina said...

I giggled through this post -- how fun! I live in a neighborhood that boasts some of those "small mansions" and they fascinate me. I've been in a mansion in Wayzata that just made my jaw drop -- the front foyer was the size of my apartment. It's so much fun to see how the rich live...I think that if I ever become rich, I will live much differently. And you can hold me to that promise!