Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wayfinding Art Bikes

I didn't know what was going on the first time I saw an old bike, covered in knitting, near a park in Saint Paul.

The signs point to the breweries located down the street on University Avenue.

It turns out the Saint Anthony Park neighborhood's community council has joined with artist Carrie Christensen and Irrigate Arts to use art bikes as a wayfinding system, emphasizing the walkability and bikability of the neighborhood.

Soon I was seeing them everywhere, it seemed.

Note the Little Free Library on the back of this one.

Parked next to the gas station at Raymond and Como Avenues, this one points to the Carnegie library a few blocks down the street.

The last one pointed to the University of Minnesota campus on one side, and the Luther Seminary and Health Partners clinic on the other.

Outside Milton Square at Carter and Como Avenues.

Fun! I wonder where I'll find other ones?

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CreativeEnterpriseBlogger said...

So glad you found some of the bikes. Here's a link to the map so you can find the rest: