Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Signs from a City that Shall Remain Nameless in this Title

I've heard the entry sign to Intercourse, Pennsylvania, is the most photographed one in the U.S.

Well, here it is:

You'll note that it doesn't say "Welcome to Intercourse."

The folks in these parts seem a bit reluctant to use the name of their town as the lead-in to their business name. Most signs say the name and then add Intercourse, Pa., below it, which isn't as funny to the 7th grader hiding out in my brain.

Here are a few that did allow me to channel my long-lost preteen:

Yes, put that fire out!

If only it could be preserved this easily.

So that's where Amish handcrafts come from.

Probably the best one of all. Note the Official Emission Station sign at right.

One final joke: I couldn't believe how easy it was to stop anywhere I wanted in the middle of Intercourse to take a picture.

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Michael Leddy said...

There's also Blue Ball, Pennsylvania. I wonder who represents these places in, uh, Congress.