Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Photos, Photos, Photos

Some random photos from the past week or so.

From streets of the Twin Cities:

Beer truck with Batch 19 pre-Prohibition flavor ad
It looks as though Coors has a new brand to peddle, pretending that pre-Prohibition beer was somehow different in a meaningful way. As if their target market understands anything about Prohibition (or what beer should taste like, for that matter).

Poem stamped in concrete, reading
Saint Paul prints short poems into its sidewalks here and there as the department of public works replaces the concrete. I liked this one, even though it's not strong on nuance.

From the mysterious world of hospitals:

Red bin with sign, Difficult Catheter Cart

Sign that reads Soiled Utility
Not as interesting as it sounds.

From a bookstore:

Two different book covers, both with supermodel-looking white women's faces divided in half
I hope the publishers didn't pay too much for these lookalike covers.

From a mall parking lot:

Buddha fish, similar to the Christian fish or the Darwin fish
Get a complete set of Fish®!

Baby on Board window accessory that says Disney Princess On Board
Aaaarggghhhhh, Disney from womb to tomb. (In case you forgot, I wrote an anti-Disney song.)

White plastic spork on asphalt
Yes, that's a spork in the road.

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