Sunday, June 16, 2013

Graffiti in Madrid

I've already mentioned the KORS graffiti in Madrid, but that's a small part of it. There is a lot of beautiful graffiti in the city, as on the security doors that cover retail businesses:

Often the images on the doors are directly related to the name of the business, and so clearly are authorized, possibly even commissioned.

Pretty much every security door has artwork on it. There is also unauthorized graffiti, of course, but not a lot of the kind of tagging that's common in the Twin Cities.

There is some tagging, though. This purple tag was on a maple-like tree in the park dedicated to Don Quixote. (This appears to be the same kind of tree I saw in Brooklyn a few years ago.)

The letterforms in Spanish graffiti are very energetic and inspiring:

Other graffiti is political and related to the current situation in Spain:

This is a particularly thoughtful piece. Of course, the fact that it's in English got my attention more easily.

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