Monday, April 22, 2013

Is There Anything Better than an Estes Truck?

If climate change and peak oil weren't real, and if I could ever retire, one thing I'd like to do is drive all over the U.S. taking pictures of the graphics on tractor-trailers. Yes, really.

Some are dreadful, some are okay, but there are a few that make the heart of a designer sing. Estes is one such design.

The red wheels, goldenrod tractor body and back door, and beautiful mid-century-inspired logo make me smile every time I see one.

Why is it so hard for the average company of any kind (not just trucking) to make their public face this attractive? There's so much unintended visual pollution.

If I had my wish and could travel the country in search of trucks, I doubt I'd see anything better than Estes, but that's exactly why I'd like to do it. Because you never know.

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Michael Leddy said...

Pretty superhero-ish, that E.

I flipped a couple of years ago when I saw a Spartan Tool truck on the road.