Friday, March 8, 2013

Fixed that for You

Here's MinnPost's photo of a Minnesota for Marriage banner at yesterday's anti-marriage-equality demonstration at the state Capitol:

Neatly handmade banner hanging from a Capitol railing reads THE LEGALIZATION OF HOMOSEXUALITY INDUCE CHILDREN TO GAY RELATIONSHIPS

I prefer my version:

Neatly handmade banner hanging from a Capitol railing revised to read THE LEGALIZATION OF HOMOSEXUALITY INDUCES SUBJECT VERB AGREEMENT
(Oh, damn, I forgot the hyphen.)

And I should point out -- homosexuality is legal in Minnesota. It's marriage between people of the same sex that is not legal.


Michael Leddy said...

Very funny — I just linked to this post.

Pete said...

Reminds me of that infamous "Get A Brain! Morans" from years ago.

Daughter Number Three said...

I hold out the possibility that it's a typo (or more accurately, a signo or letteringo). They just accidentally left out the S when using the stencils and the paint.

It's not as bad as the "morans" sign, for sure.

Peter Hoh said...

Or perhaps they had intended to include a "will" before "induce."

Daughter Number Three said...

Could be, Peter.